Inbound Logistics | April 2023

Polaris Transportation Group prioritizes tech-based innovation in pursuit of enhancing the customer experience for its clients. The Canada- based provider’s services include U.S./Canada cross-border transportation, global logistics, warehousing, and distribution.

bigger volumes when the economy is humming along—we can scale up without necessarily adding headcount— and when the economy is not as strong, we can adjust without any human collateral,” Cox says. “We want to be in this for the long term with our employees, and technology and the ability it brings us to scale our business allows that to happen,” he adds. PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY That commitment to team members is central to the Polaris approach, Cox says, and heavy investments in technology have lifted mundane responsibilities from employees, freeing them to focus on more fullling work, including better engagement with clients. “We invest in our people, and we want them to have a sense of pride working for the company. That is reected in conversations with our clients,” Cox says. “Our customers understand when they talk to our people that they’re talking to someone who has a passion for their work.” One key place where an emphasis on digital innovation and being a high-character company aligns is transparency. Transparency means always being open with clients, avoiding

the temptation to embellish the truth, Brajkovich says. Effective technology solutions help make full transparency a reality. TRANSPARENT VALUE “We want to offer great services, great transit times, and good pricing, but we also want to be very transparent with our customers on the basis of the best possible information and data, even where there are challenges,” Brajkovich says. As part of its commitment to service, Polaris has placed an emphasis on collecting data and turning that data into invaluable business intelligence for its clients. “Based on the data that we’re able to analyze now, we’re having more meaningful and more thoughtful conversations with our customers. We are sharing new information about their business, their shipping practices, and trends that we’ve found,” Cox says. “Those conversations are richer than they’ve ever been before and show how much we care about their success. And that’s leading to a deeper level of trust and to major benets for our clients,” he says. “They’re getting insights that can really help their business.” n

a tech-savvy provider can support shippers today.

“Technology has driven everything this company has done during the past six or seven years,” says Dave Cox, president of Polaris, whose services include U.S./ Canada cross-border transportation, global logistics, warehousing, and distribution. “Now, in uncertain times, we’re doubling down on it.” Following a “next-generation transportation” approach, Polaris has invested in both technology and the company’s team members while staying true to the corporate responsibility mission of its roots. The result is a trusted partner that helps its clients maintain and build their position in the marketplace, no matter the broader conditions of the moment. Polaris’ tech efforts include its in-house Digital Laboratory and NorthStar Digital Solutions, a supply chain technology solutions provider. Technology provides agility and visibility that has never been more important to navigating the complexities of the supply chain. Technology also allows Polaris to scale, says Dave Brajkovich, chief technology ofcer for Polaris. “Technology allows us to handle

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