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drayage so the tanks could be moved from the Port of New York & New Jersey, transloaded into totes, and efficiently distributed to the end user. “From soup to nuts, we can provide solutions,” Hassenfratz says. When it comes to transporting goods via ocean vessel or intermodal shipment (railroad), TLC’s decades of experience managing ISO and 20- or 40-foot shipping containers come into play. Along with managing the movement of physical freight, TLC understands import/export processes, customs brokerage, shipment tracking, how to move goods in and around ports, and transloading, among other functions. Through its years of logistics experience, TLC has been able to build a private fleet of carriers to transport freight across the nation and around the globe. These carriers are experienced and eager to grow and develop with TLC’s customer base. As a result of the range of solutions it offers, its network of carriers and other business partners, and the quality service it provides, TLC has enjoyed outstanding growth over the past two years. “We are looking to continue that,” Hassenfratz says. “Customers want to solve their supply chain needs and we can provide those solutions.”

Trinity brings more than 40 years of experience in shipping hazardous materials and complies with the Department of Transportation’s HM-232 Hazmat security plan regulations. Its industry-leading operating procedures help ensure safety, and the Trinity compliance team monitors carrier certificates to ensure its trucking companies and driver partners also comply with regulations. Shippers benefit from Trinity’s market knowledge and ability to be nimble, quickly pivoting to ensure their costs decline when the market fluctuates downward, Braun notes. OPTIMIZING VIA TECHNOLOGY Technology is a core element of Trinity’s services. The Managed Services solution handles clients’ logistics functions, enabling these companies to gain control and visibility of their shipments. This solution can integrate with customers’ operating systems, minimizing the need for calls and emails to check the status of their shipments, no matter the mode. The Managed Services solution also tracks every piece of information, such as package size and weight, on each shipment. It can even calculate the price per gallon to ship, for instance, from California to Texas, and then show how this varies by month. The solution can provide this information in a continual feed. By leveraging this data, shippers can determine information such as their most frequently used lanes, while identifying ways to contain costs and enhance service. “With this information, we can help customers make optimal moves,” Braun says. In one case, a global agricultural company leveraged Trinity’s Managed Services solution to improve on-time performance and cut costs. Based on several independent analyses, Trinity’s Managed Services solution consistently helps lower the company’s total freight expenditures to about 15% below prevailing market rates. In addition, all customers, including

Trinity Logistics is one of a few companies in the logistics arena with a largely female leadership team, many of whom started at entry-level jobs and then worked their way up. This approach, along with focus on its employees and business partners, helped Trinity recently reach $1 billion in rolling 12-month revenue. “That was a huge benchmark,” says Jennifer Braun, vice president of Kansas City operations with Trinity Logistics. To celebrate and reward the employees who made this milestone possible, the company held several giveaways; among them were two cars. As a unit of Burris Logistics Company, Trinity, which has been a Responsible Care Partner since 2009, can provide the resources and solutions required to meet the needs of any size customer and working in any transportation mode.

Among the services it offers are drayage, ISO, access to C-TPAT

providers, pollution liability coverage, business intelligence and reporting, cybersecurity and emergency preparedness, and the technology to track and measure shipments. “We take a customized approach to working with customers, and provide each one with a single point of contact,” Braun says.

Trinity Logistics, which has been a Responsible Care partner since 2009, offers drayage, ISO, access to C-TPAT providers, pollution liability coverage, business intelligence and reporting, cybersecurity and emergency preparedness, and the technology to track and measure shipments.

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