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those that aren’t using Managed Services, can leverage Trinity’s online portal to access information on shipments, quotes, payments, and place and track shipments they’ve placed with Trinity. Along with its technology, the team at Trinity Logistics helps differentiate it and ensure shippers benefit from ongoing, quality service. Trinity recently added a vice president of digital strategy and a director of user experience, with a goal of ensuring all customer interactions are positive and productive. Trinity continues to improve and expand, most recently adding a location in Scottsdale, Arizona. It also offers a network of about 120 agents. “Trinity is constantly looking to improve, update, and revamp,” Braun says. In doing so, they’re helping customers optimize their transportation spend and service. ONE-STOP SOURCE For more than 50 years, WSI has provided reliable, integrated third-party logistics. It is one of the largest privately held 3PL solutions providers in the country, with a family of companies that includes: Warehouse Specialists, LLC; Material Logistics & Services, LLC (MLS); Fulfillment Specialists of America, Inc. (FSA); American Warehouse, LLC; WSI Transportation, LLC; and WSI Freight Solutions. WSI’s Materials Logistics & Services (MLS) division offers a range of chemical logistics solutions, including transportation, warehousing and storage, distribution, sampling, blending, and packaging. The company can offer custom chemical packaging in virtually all forms and sizes, including drums, boxes, and bags. Its reliable and capable global transportation network includes intermodal shipping capabilities. Because of the broad range of services it provides, chemical shippers can turn to WSI as a one- stop source for chemical logistics. In fact, WSI provides chemical logistics services for some of the top chemical companies worldwide. Its Material

WSI’s Materials Logistics & Services division offers a range of chemical logistics solutions, including transportation, warehousing and storage, distribution, and packaging.

around chemical warehouses and operations, he adds. In addition to its emphasis on

Logistics & Services, LLC division brings extensive experience in safely and efficiently handling hazardous and non- hazardous materials in accordance with environmental regulations. WSI was one of the first 3PLs to earn Responsible Care Partner accreditation. “It’s not just how we do things, but who we are,” says Scott Buber, director, operations and chemical division. “In a specialized field, we planted our flag and said, ‘This is who we are, and how we’ll operate, communicate, document, ensure safety, and maintain our sites, day in and day out.’” For instance, employees at all WSI sites know how to safely respond if they receive a leaking drum. They know the steps needed to eliminate the leak and ensure employees and nearby communities are safe. In addition, WSI establishes partnerships with local regulatory agencies, like fire departments and planning commissions, and works with them to ensure safety across the communities in which they operate. “That sets us apart,” Buber says. WSI is working hard to dispel the sometimes inaccurate, often negative stereotypes

safety, WSI works closely with clients to help them manage their chemical transportation spending as effectively as possible. For instance, one client’s manufacturing plant was located about one mile from a WSI distribution facility. Yet, the client had been shipping its product, a polymer, about 50 miles away for processing, before returning it to the WSI facility. WSI invested in the equipment needed to process the polymer, and constructed a clean processing area within the warehouse, complete with air filters to contain the dust produced. This enabled WSI to process, package, store, and distribute the product, eliminating the need for the product to travel for processing. As a result, the company saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in transportation costs annually, while also cutting lead times and inventory levels. “We look outside our own box,” Buber says. “We ask customers how we can partner with them to boost their performance.” n

86 Inbound Logistics • June 2022

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