Inbound Logistics - Chemical Week | June 2022

with a proven team specializing in the chemical industry. As an example, CLX worked with a company that produces chemical pigments in Mississippi and ships them via rail to transload locations in the northeastern United States, where they’re moved to trucks and delivered to customers. CLX and the company collaborated to help book, schedule, and manage bulk tanker operations in the Northeast. The result? Streamlined, more efficient processes and reduced costs. While technology is key, so are the people that make up CLX, Vieira says. Their industry expertise and knowledge of the myriad regulations that govern the transportation of chemicals set them apart. They can help shippers optimize their spending on chemical shipments, while also ensuring they comply with the relevant regulations. “Our employees know how to handle the freight, they know the opportunities, and they can maximize cost and performance,” Vieira says. A subsidiary of The Kenan Advantage Group, Inc., KAG Logistics is a leading tank truck transporter and logistics provider across North America. KAG Logistics provides industry-leading transportation management solutions and value-added logistics services designed for the chemicals, energy, specialty products, food, and merchant gas supply chains across North America. “We were one of the first managed transportation and logistics providers in the chemical space,” says Curt Gonya, senior vice president, chemical and specialty products logistics with KAG Logistics. Supported by KAG’s resources, KAG Logistics has the capacity to grow, invest in infrastructure, and remain a leader, he adds. Among other services, KAG Logistics offers multimodal transportation, carrier management, procurement, emergency fuels delivery, enhanced tracking and alerts, fuel management with best-buy sourcing, and inventory

KAG Logistics provides transportation management solutions and value-added logistics services designed for the chemicals, energy, specialty products, food, and merchant gas supply chains across North America. Its carrier management team has deep experience in multiple modes.

Because the technology is based on a cloud computing architecture, it delivers exceptional performance and simplicity that allow straightforward and rapid implementations. ENABLING IMPROVEMENTS When working with a large chemical shipper, KAG Logistics leveraged its solution set to view the sales and operations-planning side of the company’s supply chain and react quickly to potential challenges. The customer drastically improved its transportation cycle time and KAG Logistics earned a global supplier award for its technology, proactive communication, and capacity management ability. Looking ahead, data and technology will remain core to KAG Logistics’ support of its chemical customers. “Data allows a deeper understanding of events, so customers can proactively confront the continuing pressures they face throughout their supply chains,” Gonya says. “Our data and technology enable chemical shippers to pivot and make better decisions.”

optimization and management. When working with its customers, no matter their size, KAG Logistics can scale to meet their needs. “Because of our size and growth, we’ve been able to invest in technology and build a strong stable of logistics experts with a deep understanding of the chemical industry,” Gonya says. KAG Logistics has also established a robust carrier management team with deep experience in multiple modes, Gonya says. Ongoing communication strengthens the commitment between KAG Logistics and its carrier partners, allowing the carriers to operate with maximum performance and efficiency within their desired network. A dedicated logistics team and a 24/7/365 logistics operations center offer additional support. “Best-in-class technology solutions are core to the KAG Logistics solution set,” Gonya says. One such solution is KAG Logistics Optimate TMS, which offers both capacity management and visibility, selecting the best mode, equipment, and contract to safely and cost-effectively transport shipments. KAG Logistics’ shipment execution technology enables optimal routing and contract compliance while meeting customers’ business rules and contract requirements. Recognizing each customer has a unique set of transportation needs and requirements, KAG Logistics ensures its technology “is purpose built to every customer’s specifications,” Gonya says.

With its origin in chemical logistics, Odyssey’s team has developed a level of expertise that sets it apart. “Our customers can tap into the knowledge base we’ve developed over our decades of experience,” says

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