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maximizes coverage and minimizes empty miles within a carrier’s network, optimizing loads and reducing emissions. GREEN INITIATIVES • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions • Reuse/recycling program

• Sustainable packaging • Sustainably source materials • Solar panels • Energy-efficient lighting NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT Averitt has been recognized with numerous sustainability awards, including the 2020 Clean Diesel Award from the Tennessee Trucking Association.

ArcBest To maintain an efficient fleet,

ArcBest regularly replaces trucks to keep its fleet age low and utilizes speed governors, engine shut offs, aerodynamic packages, and SmartWay-verified tires to reduce emissions. ArcBest has purchased two electric Class 6 trucks, two electric forklifts, and two electric yard tractors. The company is constructing its second LEED-certified building and adding solar power to one service center, with plans to expand in the future. Recently, it completed the first phase of a data project to calculate and disclose its Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. ArcBest is updating many of its 240+ service centers with LED lighting, among other upgrades, to improve efficiency. ArcBest hired an ESG program manager to be a sustainability advocate, identify future initiatives, and facilitate reporting. GREEN INITIATIVES • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions • Use alternative fuels or energy sources • Reuse/recycling program • Reduce energy usage • Solar panels • Energy-efficient lighting NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT ArcBest has been a signatory to the UN Global Compact since 2020 and has reported to CDP, a charity that runs a global disclosure system, for five years.

• Reduce energy usage • Energy-efficient lighting NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT

In 2021, the freight brokerage began a partnership with Sustainable Travel International as a Climate Ranger Partner. The partnership enables Arrive to better assess its current carbon footprint and implement a new strategy to continually offset carbon emissions.

C.H. Robinson

As of 2021, C.H. Robinson achieved 90% of its 2025 carbon reduction target. The company increased renewable-energy purchases year over year by 30% and reported its scope 3 emissions for the first time. C.H. Robinson created Emissions IQ, a technology to measure, benchmark, and reduce emissions. It also helps customers redesign and optimize supply chains for sustainability. For its carriers, it enhanced its technology to recommend loads based on fewest deadhead miles. C.H. Robinson provides a free greenhouse gas emission calculator for customers, renewable energy credits, and carbon offsetting. An EPA SmartWay partner since 2005, C.H. Robinson collaborated with MIT and SmartWay to create a new standard of measuring LTL emissions. It joined Smart Freight Centre, the World Economic Forum, and leading companies to develop a book and claim chain of custody systems for transportation emissions reduction. GREEN INITIATIVES • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions • Use alternative fuels or energy sources • Reuse/recycling program • Reduce energy usage • Sustainable packaging • Energy-efficient lighting NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT The company was awarded the EcoVadis Bronze Medal for sustainability.

Averitt Express

Averitt’s measurable achievements include reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 38%, reducing nitrogen oxide emissions by 96%, and saving 6.2 million gallons of diesel fuel. Averitt Express provides drivers access to a roadside service that enables them to reduce tractor idling when parked for long periods. The company also maintains a balance within its network to reduce empty miles, decreasing emissions and fuel usage. The company became a charter member of the EPA’s SmartWay program in 2004. As one of 52 charter members, Averitt Express agreed to meet specific environmental and energy-saving goals while sharing its progress annually with the EPA. As a result, the company has earned a SmartWay score of 1.25, which represents Outstanding Environmental Performance, according to the EPA. GREEN INITIATIVES • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions • Use alternative fuels or energy sources • Reuse/recycling program • Use wastewater • Reduce energy usage

Arrive Logistics

Arrive Logistics eliminated 10,200 metric tons of CO2 from empty miles thanks to the growth of its private fleet and committed capacity programs. The private fleet program identifies and fills backhauls for fleet routes to minimize empty mileage and CO2 emissions. Its committed capacity program

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