Inbound Logistics | June 2022

27001 and NIST CSF (information security), ISO 45001 (health & safety), and ISO 14001 (environment). Dimerco prioritizes mode optimization, developing green logistics solutions to shift to more eco-friendly freight options, such as direct flight, cross- border road freight in Southeast Asia, China-to-Europe rail, and sea/ air combination services. It also consolidates shipments to reduce fuel use and carbon footprint. The Green Building Council introduced Dimerco’s certified green building in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2018. In 2019, Dimerco supported the installation of Villanueva Solar Park in Mexico. Additionally, the company has applied LED tubes to all its offices in Taiwan and keeps air conditioning at 25°C for all 167 offices worldwide. GREEN INITIATIVES • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions • Use alternative fuels or energy sources • Reuse/recycling program • Use wastewater Through its business intelligence technology applications and data integration efforts, Dimerco supports paperless processes and e-freight projects. For example, it reduced the project time for booking, milestone update, and electronic billing by more than 50% with an EDI/API integration. Dimerco implemented a reduce/reuse/ recycle green policy for 167 operating units around the world, including eco- friendly purchasing and deploying electric trucks and forklifts. • Reduce energy usage • Energy-efficient lighting NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT Echo Global Logistics Echo works with its shipper and carrier partners to adopt procedures that reduce waste through recycling practices, minimize impact by reducing pollutants, increase the use of environmentally acceptable materials,

CT Logistics

CT Logistics invested in software developments throughout 2022 to provide shippers the tools to make greener choices in their supply chain. CT enhanced its FreitRater Lion software to help shippers drive energy efficiency with supply chain routing analysis technologies that maximize lane effectiveness and facilitate optimal transportation mode selections. CT Logistics developed the FreitRater Lion software to consolidate small shipments into a truckload with stop- offs to reduce costs and fuel. This software enables shippers to choose environmentally conscious routings, mode selections, and carriers with the shortest transit times to reduce fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. GREEN INITIATIVES • Reuse/recycling program

friendly packaging options. EcoVadis rates Deutsche Post DHL Group among the top 3% of evaluated companies industry-wide. GREEN INITIATIVES • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions • Use alternative fuels or energy sources • Reuse/recycling program • Use wastewater • Reduce energy usage • Sustainable packaging • Sustainably source materials • Solar panels • Energy-efficient lighting NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT DHL Supply Chain North America purchased 100% of electricity from renewable sources in 2021. It has mandated that new yard trucks be electric and has invested in green heavy-duty vehicles.

• Reduce energy usage • Energy-efficient lighting NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT At least 40% of the company’s

6-acre corporate campus will remain undeveloped and wooded. CT Logistics utilizes intelligent thermostats in its buildings, incorporating off-hour energy conservation. Additionally, the company embraces internal green initiatives such as recycling all cardboard and paper, copier/printer toner/ink cartridges, and outdated technology. DHL Supply Chain As part of Deutsche Post DHL Group, which has announced a global commitment to net zero logistics- related emissions by 2050, DHL Supply Chain has set specific targets and initiatives such as additional expenditures of up to $8 billion in sustainable operations by 2030, 60% e-vehicles in pick up and delivery by 2030, 30% share of sustainable fuels in air/ocean freight and road transport, and all new buildings climate neutral. DHL also promotes environmentally

Dimerco Express Group

Dimerco adjusted work practices to lower the carbon impact of activities on the environment. In recognition of its initiatives and efforts, Dimerco is certified with ISO 9001 (quality), ISO

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