Inbound Logistics | June 2022

or much of the decade prior to the pandemic, the number of students in supply chain programs couldn’t match industry’s need for supply chain professionals. “The biggest challenge was convincing students it was a real career path,” says Brian Fugate, chair of the department of supply chain management at the University of Arkansas. As the scope of the pandemic and its impact on supply chains and logistics became clear, just about everyone gained some familiarity with the concept of a supply chain. Many supply chain programs, like those at the University of Arkansas, became “beyond overwhelmed” with increases in enrollment, Fugate says. Most students choosing transportation, supply chain management, and related majors will be well-prepared for roles in industry. “The academic infrastructure for transportation and supply chain management programs in North America is excellent,” says David Fisher, executive director of the Transportation & Supply Chain Institute at the University of Denver. “This is an advantage we need to leverage as a nation.” Here is how some of the top supply chain programs in the country are preparing students for an evolving industry. Recent interest in supply chain management is attracting students in record numbers. How are education programs preparing those students for a supply chain career? We quizzed some of the top academic programs in the country to find out. By Karen Kroll

64 Inbound Logistics • June 2022

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