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What pandemic-era adjustment will have the greatest supply chain impact? Digging Into Data

The use of data analytics to help suppliers really understand consumer behavior. Suppliers decided to eliminate or stop manufacturing slow- moving SKUs in an effort to focus on consumer needs. –Greg Forbis EVP, Strategy and Business Development, RJW Logistics Group The supply chain is demanding comprehensive, market-based data. Innovative transportation technologies are emerging, providing a data- driven perspective to strategic decisions. It is an exciting time as leaders find a better way to reduce costs, establish stable networks, and ensure the efficient movement of goods. –Jenny Vander Zanden Chief Operating Officer, Breakthrough A company’s digital toolbox will have the greatest impact on supply chain operations. Be it advanced analytics or visibility software, organizations will continue to embrace and use data to avoid risk and ensure business continuity. This digital-first mindset will influence key decisions. –Grant Koch Solutions & Innovation Director, BDP International

PRODUCT VISIBILITY TECHNOLOGIES that organizations can utilize to monitor the flow and consumption of their products at every step of the supply chain. Product visibility programs and artificial intelligence can provide realistic data- driven projections to help minimize the peaks and dips of product shortages. –Eric Vasquez Owner and Founder Veterans Logistics Group THE MOVE AWAY FROM JUST-IN- TIME (JIT) OPERATIONS , which for decades enabled organizations to run on a nearly made-to-order process. Manufacturers are now implementing a just-in-case (JIC) model in which supplies are stockpiled “just in case” The acceleration of digital twins . The ability to digitally model a company’s manufacturing and distribution network will allow it to quickly assess the impact of large and small disruptions and take appropriate actions. –Allen Jacques Industry Thought Leader, Kinaxis

adopt emerging technologies to improve contract performance.

they are needed at a later date. While JIC is more expensive and requires larger warehouses with greater storage space, it provides a cushion of supplies during black swan events. –Matt Heerey President, Manufacturing Division ECI Solutions INVESTMENTS IN TECHNOLOGY TO CONNECT ALL NODES OF THE SUPPLY CHAIN and increase visibility will continue to accelerate and transform operations. With heavy reliance on third-party logistics providers, shippers and carriers will

–Matt Marshall Senior Vice President, NYSHEX

MANY RETAILERS FINALLY EMBRACED A TRUE OMNICHANNEL customer experience. To do that, they had to evaluate and innovate their systems to support today’s “shop anywhere” culture. Consumers have raised the bar on how they shop; retailers responded by designing a seamless omnichannel experience.

–Archie Black CEO, SPS Commerce

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