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is developed in-house, the team can customize it without bringing in third parties or adding software or licenses. “We can quickly adapt the software or incorporate new rules,” MagicLogic’s Smith says. Another distinguishing attribute is the ease with which MagicLogic inte- grates with other systems—a key feature in a niche solution. “It’s because we’re designed in a modular format,” Smith says. And because MagicLogic has established partnerships with many com- panies, its solution can work effectively with most warehouse management or other solutions. For example, MagicLogic recently worked with a pharmaceutical com- pany that needed to boost the efciency and effectiveness of its small par- cel operation. Too often, its own rules that were supposed to govern product transportation,such as using tempera- ture-control packaging for specic items,were not followed. In addition, the company needed an efcient way to experiment with different loading patterns to identify the opti- mal solution when sending high-value items overseas. Using MagicLogic’s software lets the client simulate different loading patterns.

Smith’s pioneering leader- ship also helps distinguish Symbia, one of a handful of logistics rms led by a female. “I thought it would be more common by now,” says Smith, who holds a masters in logistics, materials, and sup- ply chain management from Michigan State University. With the recent addition of a fulll- ment center in Bolingbrook, Illinois, Symbia now operates 10 fulllment centers across North America, and can quickly reach major population centers. The new facility showcases the “mega warehouse technology” that highlights the company’s digital-rst approach to supply chain management. Secured ber technology improves internet connec- tions, boosting visibility, while Symbia’s advanced warehouse management sys- tem consolidates information from multiple endpoints, providing clients with a comprehensive view of their sup- ply chains. The system integrates with all major e-commerce platforms, so orders can be lled and shipped in minutes. Robust reporting allows clients to monitor orders and effectively manage their inven- tory. The technology integrates tablets and wearables, so data can be updated from anywhere on the warehouse oor,

Within seconds, employees can visual- ize how a load changes if they add, say, another 10 pieces of a specic product. By introducing MagicLogic’s software, the company is saving about $250,000 annually due to greater efciency and reduced product damage. SUPPORTING NIMBLE E - COMMERCE OPERATIONS Megan Smith and her father, Jim Smith, Symbia’s founder, saw early on the signicant role e-commerce fulll- ment would assume within the logistics sector, and the ways in which supply chains would change, so goods quickly moved from point-of-order straight to consumers. To build a company that would help clients thrive in this world, they assem- bled a team of expert logisticians and invested in the technology needed to provide the competitive edge e-com- merce companies require. Symbia’s leadership team boasts more than 150 years of combined supply chain and information technology experience across a range of industries. Its services include order fulllment, pick and pack, inventory management, logistics, Amazon fulllment, dedicated warehous- ing, and pallet management.

Operating 10 fulfillment centers across North America, Symbia Logistics provides order fulfillment, pick and pack, inventory management, logistics, Amazon fulfillment, dedicated warehousing, and pallet management services.

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