Inbound Logistics | March 2022

CONTENTS MARCH 2022 | VOL. 42 | NO. 3

36 SPONSORED SOLVING THE E-COMMERCE EQUATION As labor constraints and capacity challenges persist, e-commerce complications multiply. Eureka! These logistics providers have it all figured out.



56 GLOBAL TRADE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS GUIDE 2022 In today’s complex and unsettled business environment, global trade management (GTM) systems are more important than ever. These GTM providers can help take some of the stress out of managing a global supply chain. 50 THE INS & OUTS OF IMPORT/ EXPORT SUCCESS Whether they are bringing goods into the country or shipping them out, import/export professionals embrace ingenuity, grit, and hard work to stay afloat.

60 SPONSORED THE GEORGIA CONNECTION(S) The essence of logistics is making connections. No surprise, then, that Georgia—a state where connectivity is a way of life—is a shining star on the logistics land (and air and sea) scape.

44 7 STRATEGIES TO REBOOT GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAINS These tips will help your company restart operating systems, processes, and strategies through the new normal.



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