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OWN THE TRANSPORTATION CONVERSATION WITH THE C-SUITE Offered by DAT Freight & Analytics Have you ever dealt with C-Suite executives who have preconceived notions about supply chain and transportation management that don’t mesh with reality? Dr. Chris Caplice, senior research scientist, MIT and chief scientist at DAT Solutions is here to help. In this webinar, he debunks six common transportation myths that (most) senior executives believe.


Getting from chaos to order in loading dock operations

Supply Chain Resiliency Strategies of Top Performing Companies 2021 Supply Chain Benchmark Survey Results

Descartes Systems Group, Inc. | | 2021 Supply Chain Benchmark Survey Results

GETTING FROM CHAOS TO ORDER IN LOADING DOCK OPERATIONS Offered by DataDock Loading dock chaos is fundamentally not a process problem, but a communication problem. Each internal and external actor follows its own plan, without sharing information or recognizing how everything fits together. The solution is for facilities to take the lead. They must assert the benefits of implementing structure. They may face initial resistance to change, but ultimately every party will feel the improvement.

GLOBAL SHIPPING CRISIS: GLOBAL TRADE INTELLIGENCE KEY TO MINIMIZING SUPPLY CHAIN IMPACT & DELAYS Offered by Descartes With the supply chain crunch likely continuing into 2022, the situation for many organizations could go from bad to worse unless they have solid strategies.

HOW TO BUILD A SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY CHAIN Offered by C.L. Services U.S. transportation emits 1.9 billion tons of carbon every year on average, and about 23% of these emissions come from medium- and heavy-duty freight trucks. With continued expansion of global markets, freight trucking emissions could skyrocket in the coming years. Read this whitepaper to learn how companies are actively working to reduce emissions and build a more sustainable future.

This benchmark analysis uncovers the supply chain resiliency strategies of top-

performing companies as well as the critical steps you can take to reduce risk.

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