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ECHO GLOBAL LOGISTICS • Echo Global Logistics, Inc. (NASDAQ: ECHO) is a leading Fortune 1000 provider of technology-enabled transportation and supply chain management services. Offering freight brokerage and Managed Transportation solutions for all major modes, Echo works to simplify the critical tasks involved in transportation management. Echo maintains a proprietary, web-based technology platform that compiles and analyzes data from its network of over 50,000 transportation providers to serve 35,000 clients across a wide range of industries. For more information on Echo Global Logistics, visit:


Evergreen Shipping Agency (America) Corp. is the North America general agent for Evergreen Line, one of the world’s leading ocean carriers. Serving U.S. importers and exporters since 1974, Evergreen Shipping Agency (America) Corp. offers one of the largest intermodal networks in the United States, including worldwide ocean shipping and inland transportation services. Together with its principals, EGA continues to offer unmatched international transportation service.

HUB GROUP • Hub’s extensive service network—built over many years—enables it to provide innovative transportation solutions that are versatile, flexible, and designed to deliver maximum efficiency. With this advantage, Hub Group is able to collaborate with customers daily to help themmeet their transportation challenges. With intermodal, highway, and logistics transportation offerings, the Hub Network is your single provider—coast to coast, border to border. Visit the website to learn what Hub can do for you.

LYNDEN • Over land, on the water, in the air - or in any combination - Lynden has been helping customers solve transportation problems for almost a century. Operating in such challenging areas as Alaska, Western Canada and Russia, as well as other areas around the globe, Lynden has built a reputation of superior service to diverse industries.

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