Inbound Logistics | June 2021

BITE SIZED SUPPLY CHAIN / LOGISTICS INFORMATION Info SNACKS “The demand for supply chain talent is now roughly six times greater than the supply.” –– Joel Sutherland, Professor of Practice in Supply Chain Management, University of San Diego School of Business (See Winding a Way Through Supply Chain Education, page 60)

75,000 Number of employees Amazon plans to hire for fulfillment and logistics jobs—warehouse workers who pick and pack customer orders and drivers who transport them either to other Amazon facilities or to customers’ doorsteps. WORLD MAP IN A SNAP, SNAP, SNAP Managing your global supply chain could be a lot more fun with this as a sourcing reference. Lego has revealed its largest set ever—a giant world map that comes with 11,000 pieces. Once put together, the map measures two feet high and three feet wide.

Going Into Labor How do logistics executives plan to address current labor shortages? 40% of logistics executives are being more lenient on specific job/industry experience requirements to attract and retain labor/talent in a tight labor market. 54%

CAFFEINE RUSH Coca-Cola has teamed up with Walmart and drone flight services provider DroneUp to deliver its new Coca-Cola with Coffee and its zero- sugar variant to customers in Coffee County, Georgia. As part of a launch stunt, select customers who live in single-family residences within a one- mile radius of Coffee County’s Walmart Supercenter could have their coke- coffee fix delivered via drone.

Water Works Securing ocean capacity continues to be a concern to supply chain managers. “Anyone starting with the question, ‘Howmuch is this going to cost?’ should reassess and start with, ‘Do I need my cargo to move?’ If the cargo does not move, maybe for months, howmuch will you lose? That will give you an idea of howmuch you want to pay to move the cargo. It is a sad message for anyone on a budget, but it is the stark reality here.” —Logistics Rewired: Let’s Talk Ocean. Flexport webinar

plan to invest in workforce management technologies. 51% plan to invest in enhanced

Don’t MinedMe

Pandora Group will no longer use

mined diamonds. Instead, the world’s largest jewelry maker is launching its first collection created exclusively with diamonds manufactured in labs. The move aims to make the company’s jewelry more sustainable, affordable, and accessible.

workforce training procedures in the next 12 months. — The New Normal of Logistics survey, Blue Yonder

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