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United States. “This is very exciting,” Wright says. “Rinchem will be there to support them.” THE LOGISTIX COMPANY: NIMBLENESS AND EXPERTISE From its base in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, The Logistix Company (TLC) has gained years of experience and expertise moving a range of chemicals and managing shipments for entire supply chains, says Joe Hassenfratz, sales and marketing manager. TLC’s expertise ranges from handling dry and liquid bulk chemicals, to managing over-the-road, less-than- truckload, and truckload shipments, and leveraging ocean, air, and intermodal options. TLC also provides transloading services. In addition, TLC employees can arrange international moves across North and South America. Intermodal transportation can be more economical than other shipping methods, Hassenfratz notes.

include multiple ocean providers, further ensuring access to capacity. To minimize delays, Rinchem has developed relations with operators at multiple ports and diversified its routes. “We’ll continue to do all we can to ensure our customers’ shipments move safely and on time,” Miles adds. And even as freight rates have jumped, Rinchem is able to leverage its global buying power and its strong carrier relationships to access the best rates possible and rein in costs, Miles says. A significant portion of Rinchem’s business is directly related to the semiconductor industry and the process chemicals used to fabricate microchips, Wright says. For years, the geographic

status. GPS tracking technology deployed in Rinchem’s fleet of refrigerated tractors and trailers enhances security and visibility. The company’s use of radio frequency technology boosts receiving and picking speed and accuracy. Rinchem has accelerated its investment cycle to address customer needs. It continues to invest in its network’s global infrastructure, with expansions in several U.S. states, as well as Israel, Taiwan, and South Korea. To address the driver shortage, Rinchem has strategically acquired and partnered with select carriers that are experts in handling hazardous materials. This strategy enables Rinchem to leverage a range of assets, Miles says.

To manage congestion andweather events, chemical logistics providers have shifted modes or added locations.

locations for semiconductor fabs (fabrication plants) have been shifting to Asia Pacific countries such as Taiwan and South Korea. However, the recent global chip shortage and the resulting impact on U.S. manufacturing have prompted the federal government to earmark $50 billion for expansion and research. Multiple leaders in semiconductor manufacturing have announced multi- billion-dollar investments in Arizona, New Mexico, and other markets in the

Rinchem also continues to invest in the newest equipment, driver amenities, and competitive compensation models. “These show how important drivers are

to our business,” Wright says. To ensure access to capacity,

At the same time, intermodal transportation requires detailed and in-depth planning to ensure

particularly over the past year, Rinchem worked closely with its carrier partners, repositioned equipment, and increased its equipment pool. The breadth of its carrier relationships has been key in gaining access to capacity. Rinchem also has broadened its partnerships to

shipments aren’t lost or delayed due to miscommunication or regulatory concerns. TLC possesses the expertise required to ensure its shipments will move between transit modes seamlessly and accurately, he adds. Customers who need blind or double- blind shipments to keep confidential the source of the product they’re distributing can also rely on TLC. To complement its expertise across multiple transportation modes, TLC offers a private fleet with various storage solutions, including ISO tanks, as well as heating, steaming, and anti-freezing facilities. TLC also provides tracking and tracing systems, as well as GPS technology. “Whatever the need, we can call on our own carrier fleet or work with our partners to help facilitate it,” Hassenfratz says. Behind the comprehensive range of capabilities TLC offers is strong, committed ownership. “They provide the resources we need to hire the best people

The Logistix Company (TLC) moves a range of chemicals and manages shipments for entire supply chains. TLC offers a private fleet with multiple storage solutions including ISO tanks.

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