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Why your shipping business must change for the greener (and how to do it) Supply chain sustainability is more important than ever before. It’s also easier to achieve than ever before, with the help of carbon neutral shipping.

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Why Your Shipping Business Should Change for the Greener Offered by Flock Freight Shippers have the potential to reduce their company’s environmental impact more than ever before— starting with their supply chain. In this free whitepaper, learn why your organization can’t afford to put off supply chain sustainability and why carbon-neutral shipping is the answer. Learn about the gravity of the freight industry’s carbon output and the landscape of carbon offsets for the freight trucking industry.

As E-Commerce Demand Shifts, Omnichannel Brands Take the Lead Offered by GEODIS The acceleration of online buying behaviors has altered the face of e-commerce logistics. Brands that already began optimizing their supply chains before the pandemic are more aligned with their omnichannel consumers and ahead of the game. With the right approach, you can achieve greater flexibility, personalized support, and enhanced visibility to surpass competitors and create a long- standing competitive advantage. Read this free whitepaper to learn how.

The Journey to Effective Supplier Collaboration Offered by Nulogy

Effective supplier collaboration offers substantial opportunities to improve operational excellence and business growth, but it is imperative for supply chain leaders to lay out a framework for leveraging the partnerships within their networks. This research report outlines key activities that procurement professionals should follow to execute an effective supplier collaboration strategy. Download this free report to form a strategic framework for effective supplier collaboration.


The Right Tool to Do the Job Right: How the Panasonic Toughbook S1 Handles Logistics Challenges GUESTS: David Foulsham, Executive Area Sales Manager; Dan Diliberti, Product Marketing and Development; Panasonic From warehouse workers to truck drivers to last-mile delivery, supply chain professionals need accessible, durable tools in hand to gather critical information for customers and stakeholders. The new Toughbook S1 is built for the most challenging environments, especially transportation and logistics operations. David Foulsham and Dan Diliberti of Panasonic discuss the power and performance of this new device.

David Foulsham

Dan Diliberti

June 2021 • Inbound Logistics 83

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