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New Services and Solutions

> TECHNOLOGY > Trucker Tools Book It Now automated load-booking is now live within MercuryGate’s transportation management software platform. Shippers who work within the MercuryGate application can select and populate available shipments in the Trucker Tools Mobile Driver app. The shipments

> Stretch, the new box- moving robot from Boston Dynamics , is designed to increase pick rates in warehouses and distribution centers. The multipurpose mobile robot can handle package variability and can reach cases throughout a truck or pallet.

are then visible to approved

simple interoperability with third-party systems, aiming to remove the complexity of public blockchains and provide a platform for supply chain collaboration. > 3G , a provider of cloud- based transportation management software, made the Pacejet Transportation Planning for NetSuite available to shippers using the NetSuite cloud-based ERP. The order fulfillment solution for NetSuite users utilizes 3G’s transportation optimization engine to evaluate consolidation opportunities and select the most efficient combination of modes and carriers. > InMotion Global and uShip , a logistics technology platform for large and bulky goods, teamed up to provide real-time LTL rates, booking,

together to support safe and efficient operations in warehouses, distribution and fulfillment centers, and factories. > Shippers can gain pre- transit predictive insights as well as real-time in-transit visibility with the partnership between project44 and Everstream Analytics. Combining project44’s end- to-end real-time location visibility and Everstream’s predictive risk analytics, the partnership aims to increase supply chain agility. > Tech start-up Haidrun launched an enterprise blockchain platform targeted at the manufacturing supply chain. The private blockchain—a digital ledger that records supply chain transactions between two parties— is scalable and supports

tracking, and billing services to customers of InMotion Global’s AscendTMS . AscendTMS users, which include small and mid- sized shippers, can now access both FTL and LTL capabilities. > Consultancy Drewry and Freightender teamed up to offer a single-source ocean freight procurement e-solution to mid-sized shippers. The solution combines Drewry’s ocean freight cost benchmarking and procurement support services with Freightender’s cloud-based procurement technology platform to help shippers manage complex sourcing events. > 3PL Evans Distribution Systems introduced a business intelligence tool called evans365 , which provides warehouse

and available truckers as a Book It Now load on their smartphone.

> Manhattan Associates unveiled its new Manhattan

Active Transportation Management solution,

which aims to reduce the time involved in optimizing transportation networks. The cloud-native solution lets transportation planners visualize their entire network and process large volumes of data to create optimal logistics plans. > Non-profit organization MassRobotics released the MassRobotics Interoperability Standard, which lets autonomous mobile robots from multiple vendors integrate and work

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