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You Won’t Get Fooled Again

PUBLISHER Keith G. Biondo

EDITOR Felecia J. Stratton

SENIOR EDITOR Katrina C. Arabe

S ometimes a kick in the pants is a step forward. The past two years have certainly been kicking it, and not in a good way for many of you. Stress of the type we are still going through can be incentive to change business practices. Incremental changes are a normal part of standard business practices. Catastrophic COVID kicks was nothing anyone could have predicted or planned for. We asked some business leaders in our audience to

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CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Sandra Beckwith • Merrill Douglas • Thomas Gresham • Karen M. Kroll • Helen Mann • Debra Phillips • Amy Roach Conrad Winter • Gary Wollenhaupt CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jeof Vita DESIGNER Nicole Estep DIGITAL DESIGN MANAGER Amy Palmisano PUBLICATION MANAGER Sonia Casiano CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Carolyn Smolin

Keith Biondo, Publisher

describe what it was like: “A massive broken unpredictable mess.” —Kevin Ledversis, Newcastle Systems “A never-ending game of whack-a-mole.” —Brian Higgins, managing director, KPMG “The biggest dumpster re ever.” —Chris Peckham, vice president of operations, FreightPlus Yet people in logistics are a resilient bunch and are prone to pivoting privation into process improvements. “Antiquated processes unearthed signicant disruption.” —Michael Hung, CEO, CBX Software “Opportunity to excel and evolve.” —Bruce Lancaster, CEO, Wilson Electronics “Everybody’s rethinking their supply chain.” —Mark Robinson, president, UPS Capital “A digital revolution is happening. Massive disruption, wild unpredictability, and sky-high customer expectations have combined to produce a perfect storm for global supply chains. Shippers have no choice but to abandon outdated ways of working.” —Virgil Ferreira, COO, Magaya We agree with our audience and this edition contains plenty of examples of the motivation to improve on what this “never-ending game of whack-a-mole” has given us. But it goes beyond that. The cover of this 2022 Logistics Planner edition features an album with the title song: We Won’t Get Fooled Again. What that means is the way forward is not just another case of having a specic business operations problem and then nding a solution to address that one- off challenge. That is an outdated static approach. The way forward must be different in that it has to be ongoing and continuous improvement. Only then, we won’t get fooled again. n


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