Inbound Logistics | January 2022

COLD CHAIN INNOVATIONS: KEEP YOUR COOL DECEMBER 2021 Items that need to stay cool range from large containerloads of fish to vaccines, and each requires special techniques. Here’s how shippers stay chill.

TRUCKING STRATEGIES TO KEEP YOUR FREIGHT MOVING SEPTEMBER 2021 With capacity tight and trucker employment stretched thin, carriers can be selective about who they work with. Here’s how you can stay

From keeping your cargo cool to amping up innovation in the age of acceleration, take a look back on the Inbound Logistics content that resonated with readers in 2021.

in the driver’s seat.

TRAIN OR TRUCK? OCEAN OR AIR? CHOOSING THE RIGHT MODE OCTOBER 2021 A survey of the factors that influence mode selection, both in ordinary times and in the hyper-challenging COVID era .


Despite tight capacity and rising rates, air cargo has become an even more critical part of the supply chain. Experts offer tips for riding out the turbulence.

RETAIL GETS BACK TO WORK SEPTEMBER 2021 Workplace re-openings bring a host of new challenges to e-commerce retailers, including shifting from home to office delivery and dealing with warehouse issues.

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