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DDC Sync Q&A: Supply Chain Efciency Through Smart In-Cab BOLCapture

Q DDCFPO just launchedDDC Sync, which leverages intelligent automated capture. Why? How can companies gain supply chain efciencies by automating data capture? A We’ve been in this industry working with a large portion of leadingmotor carriers for a long time. One of the common, recurring challenges that we are always helping our partners overcome is finding newways to boost efficiencies in their operation. An example is capturing BOL data earlier in order to reduce turn around time. Yet most applications on themarket—until now—don’t adequately do this, because they aren’t truly automated. They require drivers to capture an image of the BOL for historical record and then key the relevant data. By automating this process with an intelligent capture engine, you’ll benefit in both accuracy rates and speed of processing. Not only will you ensure your data is correct due to the reduction in human error caused by manual entry, but you’ll get a hold of the qual- ity data faster. You no longer have to wait for themanual entry to happen, and you don’t have to worry about days caused by rejects or snags in QA. Now, take that automated, smart OCR engine and put it in amobile device so that it can be taken care of at the time of pick up? It’s a game changer.

Q How are freight operations optimized by empowering drivers to capture data? A Initial results of DDC Sync show that LTL carriers experience a near six-hour gain in visibility and access to their freight data. To quote one of our integration partners, Ben Wiesen fromCLI, “This is huge.” When drivers are empowered to capture this data at the time of pick up, transportation pro- viders can see it in real-time, review, andmake logistics and workforce planning decisions immediately. The competitive advantage they have to opti- mize their load planning and scheduling is significant. Q DDC Sync is positioned as an enterprise application. Besides the in-cab BOL capture, what are other noteworthy features? A With the web portal of the DDC Sync solution, dock operations and terminal management are no longer limited to zip code and tonnage. They can nowmake strategic routingmoves based on all the consignee details that come to them in real-time or near- real time. The end-to-end visibility comes full circle with GPS tagging, real-time reporting, and driver- terminal chat. And, to increase adoption, we have an engaging gamification program to reward drivers as well as interest groups for drivers to connect.

Art Zipkin Chief Commercial Officer and

President DDC FPO

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