Inbound Logistics | May 2024

SPOTLIGHT > Zebra RS2100 Bluetooth Wearable Scanner: The wearable scanner from Zebra Technologies provides a unique mount that leaves the worker’s palm unobstructed, providing freedom to handle items. With PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology, [ IN FOCUS ] Visibility and Tracking Solutions

workers can capture virtually any 1D and 2D barcode—even if it’s damaged, poorly printed, or dirty. A tap or scan can connect to the host mobile computer; up to 7 wearable scanners can be connected to a single host PC.

> TSL 3166 RAIN RFID UHF Reader: The new 3166 Bluetooth Rugged RAIN RFID UHF Reader from TSL, part of HID, has read rates of up to 1,200 tags per second, utilizing the latest generation of Impinj silicon. During a single inventory scan, workers can perform multiple actions on each tag, including reading data points from multiple memory bank areas, writing new information, or locking the tag for security. The RFID reader o„ers longer operating times and can process more tags in a single charge—up to a 34% increase in battery life compared to the previous generation 2166 Reader.

> Wiliot Visibility Platform: The solution from Wiliot connects the digital and physical worlds using its cloud platform and IoT Pixels, which are stamp-sized, low- cost, battery-free Bluetooth devices that attach to any product, connecting it to the internet and embedding it with intelligence. Data streamed from IoT Pixels—location, temperature, humidity, and carbon footprint—are processed in the Wiliot Cloud, generating actionable insights for supply chains.

> AT&T Smart Label: The new solution o„ers track-and-trace functionality as well as near- real-time visibility and expanded condition monitoring capabilities. The discreet shipping label provides robust sensor data, including temperature, humidity, shock, and tampering as well as near-real-time information on location and status. It uses AT&T’s secure cellular network to connect around the globe in more than 210 countries.

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