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Highway 905 Hillsborough, NJ 908-874-4867 Infor New York, NY 866-244-5479

Highway 905® Warehouse Management System

Cloud-based system focused on driving cost reductions with optimized processes while ensuring end-to-end and accurate warehouse visibility. The lexibility to choose features and generate customized repor s ensures a custom-it solution for your exact business needs. Combines warehouse fulillment with embedded labor management and 3D visual analysis to provide visibility into inventory, orders, equipment, and people. Out of the box functionality accelerates implementation. 3D visual warehouse provides insight into bottlenecks and assets.

Infor® WMS

Interlink Technologies Perrysburg, OH 800-655-5465

Warehouse-LINK® Sophisticated so ware and technology to manage all warehousing activities in vir ually any industry in real-time. Decreases ship cycles, reduces inventory needs and provides labor eiciency. Built-in features allow for growth and lexibility as a business grows and changes.

Körber Hamburg, DE 800-328-3271 Logimax Rosemont, IL 855-253-8855


Ofers a range of WMS solutions that can be applied to small and mid- sized warehouses with manual and forkli -based processes, as well as with radio frequency and voice-directed operations, all the way up to large, highly automated distribution centers. A browser-based system that contains everything a warehouse needs to improve eiciency right out of the box. So ware modules enable integration with current systems and shopping car s, kitting, assemble to order, yard and transpor ation management, terminal cross docking and more. Enables customers to pivot quickly, afordably, and seamlessly, with maximum user conigurability, and minimal need for professional services. Covers running a simple warehouse or a highly complex operation with vast automation, materials handling equipment and robotics integrations.

Logimax WMS

Made4net Teaneck, NJ

WarehouseExper 201-645-4345 Magaya Miami, FL 786-845-9150

Magaya Supply Chain An all-in-one logistics and freight management solution with a built-in WMS. Improves warehouse productivity, accuracy, and proitability with conigurable optimization worklows.

Manhattan Associates Atlanta, GA 877-596-9208

Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management

Uses advanced, proprietary algorithms to mathematically organize and optimize operations, speeding the low of goods and information to enable lawless execution across stock, labor and space. Modern mobile applications help users eiciently manage omnichannel fulillment by converging capabilities commonly found in disparate labor management and slotting optimization systems.

Mantis Atlanta, GA

Logistics Vision Suite At the hear of the Logistics Vision Suite is Warehouse Vision, a WMS that manages all activities of single and multi-site, private and public distribution centers. The system improves productivity and eiciency of available resources such as labor, racking, forkli s, and material handling systems. 678-784-4015

MHS (Material Handling Systems, Inc.) Louisville, KY

MHS Helix

Template-based modules for equipment control, inventory management and order fulillment functions work together in customized conigurations according to each facility’s unique requirements. Works seamlessly and securely across enterprise systems and machine-level controllers alike, with a variety of features that get information to key stakeholders and keep operations moving. 502-636-0690

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