Inbound Logistics | September 2022


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3PLs Alliance Shippers Inc.: O§ers comprehensive logistics solutions, including temperature control, intermodal, ocean, truck, and air. • 800-222-0451 Echo Global Logistics: Connects businesses that need to ship products with carriers who transport goods. • 800-354-7993 Holman Logistics : Provides warehousing, logistics, and value- added services across the United States for a broad range of industries. • 253-872-7140 Landstar System : Specializes in third- party logistics, utilizing a network of 11,000+ independent owner-operators. • 800-872-9400 Lynden: Multimodal capabilities, in Alaska, Canada, the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, and around the world. • 888-596-3361 Odyssey Logistics & Technology : Strategically manages logistics operations, regardless of cargo size, class or destination. 855-875-0681 Penske Logistics: Brings industry knowledge, advanced systems and technical prowess to implement advanced supply chain solutions. • 800-529-6531 R2 Logistics: O§ers supply chain management services to shippers of all sizes, backed by game-changing technology. • 214-451-4676 Ruan: Integrated supply chain solutions driven by expertise, flexibility, and technology. • 866-782-6669

CT Logistics: Provides personalized freight bill audit and payment solutions. • 216-267-2000 CTSI-Global: Freight invoice processing and related supply chain management technology and consulting services. • 888-836-5135 Körber: Provides a broad range of supply chain solutions fitting any business size or strategy. 412-559-0093 Fortigo: Reviews freight bills and identifies incorrect charges based on a number of criteria. • 512-372-8884 Intelligent Audit: Reduces transport costs through automated audit and freight recovery, business intelligence, and contract negotiation solutions. • 201-880-1110 nVision Global: Provides global freight invoice audit, payment and transportation spend management services. • 770-474-4122 Sunset Transportation: Clients gain business intelligence reporting through a comprehensive data capture and audit program. • 800-849-6540 U.S. Bank: A trusted freight invoice, audit and payment system for all transportation modes with a single solution. Trans Audit: O§ers freight and parcel post-audit services that recover overbillings and overpayments, correct erroneous billing, and reduce future expenses. • 845-297-9535

Ryder: O§ers end-to-end warehousing and distribution, transportation logistics, and innovative technology solutions. • 888-593-3721 Syfan Logistics: Asset-based logistics company focused on food, auto, and package delivery. 855-287-8485 UniGroup Logistics: Provides comprehensive, high-touch, end-to- end supply chain solutions through its family of companies. 855-605-8080

EXPEDITED Forward Air: Provides ground

transportation and related logistics services to the North American air freight and expedited LTL market. • 800-726-6654


A3 Freight Payment: Combines freight payment, spend analytics, and business intelligence tools for comprehensive spend management. 901-759-2966 AFS Logistics: Identifies and resolves invoice inaccuracies and discrepancies to boost margins and competitiveness. • 877-242-3383 ARTC: Gives shippers the tools to understand and lower freight costs. • 212-736-8565 Cass Information Systems: Integrated information and payment management solutions. • 314-506-5500

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