Inbound Logistics | September 2022


$90.7 billion by 2031 Estimated annual revenue for the global freight brokerage

90% Target’s Q22 profit results after the retailer was forced to slash prices to clear unwanted clothing, home goods, and electronics inventories. In June 2022, Target warned that it was canceling supplier orders and aggressively cutting prices after consumers shifted spending as the pandemic eased.

market, after amassing $48.1 billion in 2021.

NEXT-GEN REEFER TRAILER Walmart added custom-built 60-foot refrigerated trailers to its Canadian fleet; “the first of its kind for Walmart in North America,” the retailer says. Designed to improve supply chain e€ciency and reduce CO2 emissions, the trailer can fit as many as 30 pallets of perishable goods requiring di erent temperatures, as opposed to about 26 pallets for a standard 53-foot trailer. The new trailers allow the Canadian fleet to service stores together that would not normally ship on the same trailer. –CDL Life PARCEL TRACKING • On-time performance for parcel deliveries continues to improve but has not returned to pre-COVID levels. • Fulfillment, transit, and click- to-deliver times show signs of improvement . • Shippers continue to increase the number of carriers used. –project44 survey, North America (August 2022)

Driving the growth: a rise in international trade activities and e-commerce. Shippers using freight brokerage services to cut costs and reduce lead times opens new growth avenues for the global market. –Allied Market Research LABOR DAY STEALS Extended holiday breaks create opportunities for enterprising cargo thieves to plot sophisticated heists. Noteworthy thefts from previous Labor Day holidays: • $434,379 in apparel stolen from Pomona, CA • $417,206 in computer electronics stolen from Ontario, CA • $400,000 in vodka stolen from Jacksonville, FL • $300,000 in computer electronics stolen from Los Angeles, CA • $291,093 in hardware store merchandise stolen from Conley, GA

TRACTOR BEAM Toyota is testing a hitches towing system that allows one vehicle to “tow” another without any physical connection between the two. Could semis so equipped be next?


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