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SOLVED Supply Chain Challenge?

Syfan Logistics Renders Transport Plan on Deadline to Haul Away Foul Mess Taking on smelly poultry waste and an extremely tight deadline, Syfan Logistics provides a swift solution to a fowl challenge many refused—adding another feather to its cap.

dynamic solutions to similar big deadline challenges. Syfan promised to deliver a swift solution. THE SOLUTION Syfan Logistics had the condence to take on this challenge based on its strong and expansive carrier relationships. Syfan also had experience with similar projects, not just in the poultry industry but with time-sensitive loads in a wide variety of customer segments. The Syfan team knew the project would showcase their abilities and a “never say no” approach to business. Syfan prides itself on taking difcult jobs with seemingly impossible deadlines and nding the right solution for all parties involved. Not deterred by the deadline or by the smelly poultry waste that required immediate transport, Syfan was able to leverage its carrier partnerships to nd trucks and drivers who were

willing to move these materials on such short notice. They pieced together 14 truckloads a day, 6 days a week, for 3 months between two different states and several hundred miles per trip. This bought time for the poultry processor to source other rendering operations and a more permanent solution. Providing power-only transport proved to be key in solving this challenge. It allowed drivers to pick up the loads with minimal contact with the poultry waste. The separation between Syfan and their competitors becomes most evident when looking at cases like this one. Syfan team members thrive when tasked with nding solutions to difcult problems that other logistics companies would simply turn down. Syfan is always looking to provide customers with superior transportation services, and they strive to meet and exceed expectations through timely, transparent communications backed by thorough planning.

THE CHALLENGE Syfan Logistics was recently

approached by a customer in the poultry industry with a critical, time-sensitive project. The processing company, which was dealing with an off-site rendering operation that had suddenly shut down, needed its poultry waste hauled off for the plant to continue operating. With the buildup of poultry waste threatening to shut down production, the company contacted Syfan with the hopes of nding a quick solution. The challenge in this situation was not only the time-sensitive nature of the issue, but also the materials that needed to be hauled away. The excess poultry waste is not the most pleasant cargo for truckers to carry, and coupled with very tight capacity, other carriers were refusing to take on the job. The customer decided to contact Syfan knowing its longtime ties to the industry and its history of providing

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