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Clients can use ARTC’s freight payment software, which offers a sophisticated audit system, to perform its freight audit and payment function in-house. Or, ARTC can act as a third- party freight payor. Because ARTC’s system is loaded with customer-specic carrier rates, shippers avoid incorrect carrier billings, including accessorial charges, classication errors, and fuel surcharges. Accessing industry Freight Data As a third-party freight payment and audit company, ARTC has access to a plethora of industry freight data, Fisher says. As a result, its customers periodically receive specic rate analytics. That is, the rate components are routinely benchmarked and compared to what others in the industry are receiving. ARTC also offers post-hoc opportunity studies and what-if scenario analyses. These help shippers determine how changes in rates or warehouse locations will affect freight costs. Through its analytical support, ARTC recently helped one client recognize growth had increased to the point where they had outgrown their current carrier contracts. The company employed ARTC to review new carrier contracts. These new contracts reected the company’s current, actual size, helping to lower its rates. Savings for the rst six months hit about $300,000, or about 22% of their spend, Fisher says. CASS INFORMATION SYSTEMS: Delivering Visibility and Total Value Launched as a neighborhood bank in 1906, St. Louis, Missouri-based Cass Information Systems has grown into a global provider of freight audit and payment solutions, serving multiple Fortune 500 companies. Its experience in freight audit and payment stretches back six decades. Along with its freight and parcel audit services, the company’s business intelligence platform, CassPort, offers timely and accurate visibility to cost and

For the past 20 years, enVista has been one of the leading freight audit and payment providers. With Körber’s acquisition, the company is now on a trajectory to o–er even greater value to current and future clients. What are some of the most significant recent developments in the freight bill audit and payment (FBAP) market? The most interesting change is around the leverage between shippers and carriers and what that means to the relationship. The data shows the infusion of government stimulus money drove parcel capacity to the benefit of the carriers. We now see the e–ects of inflation and rising shipping prices along with falling capacity swinging leverage over to shippers who have choices when it comes to service in most regions. The savvy ones are revisiting their contracts to understand their options. Shippers were focused for many years on becoming a shipper of choice, meaning they were aligned and ready for their carrier’s services, which should still be a business focus. The most important development for shippers is having actionable data at your fingertips; it can be a transportation team’s secret weapon. How great is it for a shipper to be able to provide excellent service to their customers while being optimized and reducing costs at the same time? This can only be done with visibility and intelligence being applied through findings in their data. How can Körber benefit supply chains? Our enVista FAP Services was just acquired by Körber because of our success and future potential to serve companies with very complex supply chains. Companies with multiple DCs who have a multitude of SKUs and need services across all modes and multiple currencies are our focus. That aligns with Körber’s focus on solving complex supply chain problems. myShipINFO® powers Körber’s freight audit and payment solution, helping shippers optimize and improve their supply chain operations across all modes of transportation, to and from any location across the globe, in any currency or language. Transportation leaders manage large amounts of disparate data in order to track and analyze their transportation spend. Financial managers want visibility to accurately spend data on a consistent basis to make informed decisions. The enVista analyst team works together to deliver enhanced visibility to transportation expenses, providing convenient access to business intelligence and accurate transportation data within a single portal, enabling critical analysis and actionable data to drive cost savings and decision making. Our experienced sourcing and contract team will, through an analysis of a company’s business, drive e¥ciencies and cost savings that will help them get closer to an optimized transportation department. Supply chains are growing more complex by the day and with the backing of such a great name, along with the experience our enVista FAP team brings to the marketplace, this is going to be game changing. Körber prides itself in helping to manage the supply chain as a competitive advantage for its clients. T F†‡R OŠ T F‹  M €E Q&A WITH IAN FAITH, KÖRBER TRANSPORTATION SPEND OPTIMIZATION

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