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Without Intelligent Audit’s detection algorithms and its team of data scientists, the retailer probably wouldn’t have noticed the surcharges until they grew so great they impacted overall freight costs. “With our technology and team, we help shippers leverage data to enable them to be smarter shippers,” Testani says. It’s not only its relationships with shippers that are critical to Intelligent Audit. It takes a collaborative approach when working with carriers. “When there’s an exception, we want to make carriers aware of it and work with them to correct it by showing them the root cause,” Testani says. “We don’t just blindly short pay.” This approach helps shippers, who also need to maintain strong relationships with their carriers. Launched in 1996, Intelligent Audit is woman-owned. It recently was certied by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as a tier-1 diversity spend supplier. WBENC validates businesses that are at least 51% owned, operated, and controlled by one or more women. Show me the money About 20% of the Fortune 50 work with Intelligent Audit. In 2021, it audited more than 1.1 billion shipments, accounting for more than $31 billion in transportation spend. Clients typically save between 2 and 20% of their transportation spend, with most saving about 5%. “It’s a fun time to be a technology company in the supply chain space,” Testani says. “We’re looking to continue to help shippers be smarter shippers.”

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4) How important is an analytics platform? Do you want to have to call a team of people every time you have a question, or are you looking for a self-serve solution? Also watch for and be wary of companies that o–er limited data capture with no data normalization and/or cleansing. 5) What safety measures are in place? Ask about a SOC 1 report and audited financial statements. All audit firms should keep client funds separate from their own. Data protection is also important. “Freight bills contain reams of valuable information about your supply chain,” notes Je– Pape, general manager, transportation, with U.S. Bank. The company should keep your information—along with your funds—separate and secured. 6) How global is the provider? If you operate—or plan to operate—in multiple countries, you want a provider that can accommodate varying regional requirements, languages, and zones. It should be able to remit payment globally through in-country bank accounts and provide a global data warehouse containing all transportation activity.

n VISION GLOBAL: Streamlining Supply Chains with Custom Solutions

and streamline their global supply chains,” Snavely says. Companies of all sizes rely on nVision’s world-class freight audit and payment solutions to provide year-over- year veriable bottom line savings, he adds. Among other capabilities, nVision’s customizable audit solution can incorporate shippers’ edits, validations, and business rules. “We don’t have a canned solution we try to squeeze clients into,” Snavely says. nVision also provides images of all invoices, including EDI, along with all supporting documentation. Because nVision operates on a single, global processing application, it can provide clients with one global data warehouse of their supply chains. A $1.3-billion supplier of automatic test equipment and interconnection systems contacted nVision for its help in efciently managing freight invoices for its transportation providers in multiple countries who worked in multiple currencies—including Mexican pesos, Malaysian ringgits, Chinese renminbi, and U.S. dollars— for multiple divisions. The company needed a “solution that would allow them to roll up the total spend of each division

nVision Global offers seven full-service processing centers on three continents, spanning multiple time zones, and staffed with experts uent in local languages and able to provide regional expertise, says Keith Snavely, senior vice president, global sales, with nVision. Many of the company’s clients are multinational corporations that need a provider that can offer freight audit and payment services around the world and for all modes of transportation-related invoices, while providing a single, global data warehouse, Snavely says. They’re also looking for analytical tools that can help them lower transportation spend. nVision can meet these goals. “By providing our customers with a single, global data warehouse and analytical tools, we are able to help them optimize

By providing our customers with a single, global data warehouse and analytical tools, we are able to help them optimize and streamline their global supply chains. -Keith Snavely SVP, Global Sales N Vision Global

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