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Its customers routinely realize savings in their annual transportation spending of 8 to 12%, as well as an additional 1 to 2% savings by reducing duplicate billings. This is in addition to the savings realized by engaging nVision Global to process their transportation invoices, Snavely says. SUNSET TRANSPORTATION: Shoring Up and Fortifying Supply Chains The pandemic and related supply chain disruptions elevated supply chain and logistics operations to the board level, says Tracy Meetre, chief commercial ofcer, Sunset Transportation. It also prompted many shippers to look for partners that they can be condent will help them navigate whatever global supply chain disruptions occur in the future. “They want to know their supply chain has been shored up and fortied,” she adds. That’s helping to boost Sunset Transportation’s business. Through Sunset’s agship logistics management program, its employees become extensions of the shipper’s logistics team. By their work together, shippers gain the visibility, information solutions, and reporting they need to expertly manage their logistics operations and spending. “They also gain additional expertise that they can tap into when disruptions occur,” Meetre says. Sunset Transportation is a St. Louis- based, second-generation, logistics company. It’s certied as a women- owned business through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and women hold half of all leadership roles. Sunset makes ve promises to every customer: savings, visibility through technology, data-driven decisions, continuous improvement, and relationships rather than transactions. Sunset’s shipper platform, LOGIK, offers visibility to order data, in-transit tracking, and shipping performance metrics to provide shippers the insight that can guide their decision-making.

using and ensure it was receiving the best possible contracts the market could offer. On top of this, it could achieve savings through the freight invoice audit and by reducing internal administrative costs and transportation costs. “It has been able to realize year-over- year savings, along with supply chain efciencies and productivity gains,” Snavely says. The global expertise and robust, proprietary technology nVision offers benets companies across all industries.

into one global database,” Snavely says. nVision’s Global Invoice Audit & Payment Solution met the company’s needs. Global Visibility Drives Insights By gaining global visibility to its spending in real time, the company could capture total transportation costs across all its business units, as well as the volumes handled by each service provider. This visibility also enabled the company to reduce the number of suppliers it was

When should a growing company consider engaging a freight bill audit and payment firm? While no single answer will fit every company or situation, the following considerations could be signs it’s time to consider a FBAP firm: 1) A lack of visibility and understanding of your transportation spend. 2) A loss of core transportation resources. If you’ve lost employees with expertise in freight audit, engaging an external FBAP firm may make sense. 3) You’re unable to audit your freight bills and accessorial charges on a timely basis, and/or you can’t ensure you’re not paying duplicate invoices are also signs it’s time to consider an outside provider. 4) Consistently lacking accurate spend information, drowning in ine¥cient invoice management processes, or not auditing each bill are good signs that engaging a partner would be well worth it. 5) When you’re looking to gain more insight from your transportation data, such as trend analysis, it’s time to consider an audit firm. “We do this day in and day out and can o–er the service,” says Kristy Brown, CTSI-Global. 6) You’re not sure you’re shipping at the right service levels with the right carriers in select zones. You may find ground service and 3-day service arrive the same day with varied charges. “An FBAP vendor can spot these common issues and alert your team,” says Ian Faith, Körber. W“ T H‘ š A F‹  F‘ ˜

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