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No Flip-Flopping on Supply Chain Efficiency Alpargatas—owner of Rothy’s and the Havaianas sandals brand—turned to Mecalux storage solutions for help fulfilling and distributing 1,500 orders per day at two logistics facilities in Brazil: Campina Grande and Santa Rita. The Campina Grande distribution center consolidates stock from the company’s manufacturing centers in northeastern Brazil. Merchandise is stored on conventional racks with capacity for 34,000 pallets. This DC features 40 loading docks and a staging area to handle the fulfillment and shipment of 1,500 orders per day, including Havaianas flip flops. The footwear is distributed in the country and internationally. For the Santa Rita plant, Alpargatas chose Mecalux’s semi-automated pallet shuttle to perform pallet storage and retrieval operations. The high-density system houses more than 1,000 pallets in less than 3,230 square feet. The compact solution consists consists

> ResGreen LilBuddy: The autonomous mobile robot (AMR) can move loads up to 220 pounds without tape, reflectors, or tags. Utilizing natural feature guidance or magnetic tape hybrid guidance, it can tow loads and drop them o automatically at a given location. With a 17-inch by 17-inch base, LilBuddy is one of the smallest AMRs in the industry. It can turn in place, making it ideal for narrow areas.

> HaiPick A42T Telescopic Lift ACR: The A42T autonomous case-handling robot (ACR) from Hai Robotics can pick and store plastic totes and carton boxes at a height of up to 32.8 feet. The A42T has multiple storage trays to carry up to nine payloads simultaneously.

> Yale Narrow Aisle Reach Truck: The Yale reach truck is designed to maximize productivity in high-density configurations. The truck o ers 3,000-to-4,500-pound load capacities and single or double- deep reach capabilities to take advantage of positions in storage racking two pallets deep, helping maximize storage density. Ergonomic features include an optional suspended floor that reduces shocks and vibrations transmitted to the operator by up to 60%.

of a shuttle car with an electric motor that transports pallets inside the racking autonomously. that inside autonomously.

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