Inbound Logistics | May 2022

SPOTLIGHT [ IN FOCUS ] Wearables and hands-free solutions

> Apex Exosuit: This 3-pound suit from HeroWear takes 75 pounds of strain off workers’ backs every time they lift an object. It supports and assists the lower-back muscles primarily involved in repetitive lifting and bending activities. With no motors or batteries, the wearable device is non-powered, relying on an elastic assistance that does not need to be recharged each work day.

> Honeywell 8675i: This compact wearable scanner from Honeywell can read even damaged or low-quality barcodes. Featuring FlexRange technology, it provides expanded scan distance, offering an alternative to bulkier handheld devices. The scanner has been optimized for ergonomics: height off of the finger has been minimized and user-contact surfaces are designed for comfort and easy adjustment.

> Kinetic Reflex: The wearable Kinetic Reflex device reduces the incidence of workplace injuries by automatically detecting unsafe postures and providing workers with real-time feedback whenever a high- risk motion occurs. Over time, workers can use Reflex to improve their biomechanics, resulting in fewer injuries. Safety managers can view risk data in the Kinetic dashboard.

> Handheld SP500X: The new Handheld SP500X ScanPrinter is designed to streamline package handling. Using the mobile scan- and-print device, workers can scan barcodes, send the information and receive instructions via WiFi, and print directly on packages in seconds. Lightweight and low- profile, the device can handle high volumes and varying package sizes.

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