Inbound Logistics | May 2022


> Zebra WS50: The new WS50 is Zebra’s first all-in-one Android-based wearable computer, offering data capture capabilities and an integrated speaker and microphone. It includes a small display, WiFi, and an imager or camera, supporting hands- free workflows, such as picking, sorting, loading, and put away. The WS50 wearable computer offers the option of three different wearable styles including back of the hand, wrist, or on the fingers.

> Rufus Labs WorkHero: This productivity-as-a-service solution

includes workforce analytics software, wearable technology, and support. The wearable barcode scanner is modular, allowing warehouse workers to choose their ergonomic preference by sliding the scanning module into a ring, glove, or palm scanner attachment.

> ProGlove LEO: At 1.23 ounces, ProGlove’s LEO is a hands-free barcode scanner that handles up to 4,000 scans per battery charge and loads within one hour. LEO (which stands for lightweight, expenses eliminated, over- the-air updates) can process 1D and 2D barcodes between a range of 6 inches to 2.3 feet and can connect to Insight, ProGlove’s industry analytics solution.

> StrongArm Flex: The clip-on IoT wearable device from StrongArm provides real-time feedback to help keep warehouse workers safer. Flex features light, sound, and haptic (vibration) alerts to let workers know how they are doing in real time to reduce ergonomic strain and musculoskeletal injuries. As part of the SafeWork system, the sensor also collects data that provides insights to supervisors.

May 2022 • Inbound Logistics 105

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