Inbound Logistics | May 2023

Automated Materials Handling

Solutions Amp Warehouse OpS These automated material handling systems reach high places, pick and stack quickly, and provide flexibility to help your warehouse run smoothly.

BionicHIVE: The autonomous warehouse robotic fleet can climb racks from floor to ceiling. In an ongoing test through July 2023, Maersk is evaluating the BionicHIVE SqUID solution in its warehouse in Mira Loma, California (pictured) . The solution can sort, pick, and replenish cartons directly to/from any spot in the warehouse racking. The mobile units are battery-operated, running a smart- power consumption module that automatically replaces its power packs. SqUID software integrates into warehouse management systems, providing real-time inventory data.

A42T Autonomous Case-handling Robot (ACR) from Hai Robotics: The goods-to-person solution extends upward, allowing facilities to store items up to 32 feet high, while remaining independent of any storage medium. The automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) from Hai Robotics can handle most totes or container sizes and types—even cardboard boxes—on standard shelving structures. The A42T ACR provides the flexibility typically seen with AMR or AGV technology.

Interroll High-Performance Conveyor Platform (HPP): The new HPP from Interroll consists of standardized line and curve modules that can be combined to meet facility requirements, including straight conveyor modules and modules for inclines and declines. Able to process up to 10,000 units per hour, it can sort cardboard boxes, small packages, padded envelopes, manila envelopes, and polybags.

ACT from Logisnext Solutions: The ACT (automated compact truck) is the latest addition to Logisnext Solutions’ line of automated guided vehicles. The ACT can work with manual forklifts and handle the shelf processing of pallets and stacking in collaboration with the Mitsubishi PREMiA PBV20N3 Platform Pallet Truck. The ACT can also navigate narrow aisles and has a touchscreen and LED fins that show its current state from a distance for better

communication with warehouse

personnel. (Logisnext

Solutions’ AGV operations are also known as Rocla AGV Solutions).

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