Inbound Logistics | May 2023

BG Pouch System: The ecommerce fulfillment solution

from BEUMER Group can streamline returns and save warehouse space. The BG Pouch System transports, sorts, sequences, and stores both outbound and returned items in a lean sequence, reducing the number of product touches in the returns process by more than 50%. Each module can handle more than 10,000 pouches per hour.

MasterMover AGV: Now incorporating BlueBotics’ ANT natural navigation technology as standard, MasterMover AGVs require no external infrastructure and use sensors to map their surroundings during training. Autonomous solutions are available from MasterMover with the capacity to move up to 66,140 pounds and can travel up to 8.2 feet per second. K55 Pallet Stacker AGV: The automated guided vehicle (AGV) from Kivnon can automatically transport palletized loads of up to 2,650 pounds and can lift them to a height of up to 59 inches. Equipped with lifting forks, the pallet stacker uses mapping navigation to perform cyclic or conditioned routes and can interact with other site vehicles, machines, and systems.

Kindred INDUCT: The high- speed robotic workcell is built on Kindred’s CORE/AutoGrasp artificial intelligence (AI) platform. It combines machine vision, grasping, and manipulation algorithms to automate the induction process for a variety of item sets, including boxes, envelopes, parcels, and packages. Powered by Kindred’s reinforcement learning-based AI algorithms, INDUCT workcells become more ecient over time.

RightPick 3 with the Suction Cup Swapper: RightHand Robotics introduced the Suction Cup Swapper (SCS) for its RightPick 3 system. The SCS gives the system the ability to switch the suction cup type on the fly in order to optimize the picking process for a wider range of products. RightPick 3 runs on RightPick AI software, which incorporates machine learning to improve picking over time. RightPick AI software enables the solution to handle thousands of SKUs from totes, bins, boxes, and cases.

ResGreen LilBuddy: The autonomous mobile robot (AMR) oers a compact size and natural feature guidance or magnetic tape hybrid guidance. It tows loads and drops them o automatically at a given location. With a 17-inch by 17-inch base, LilBuddy is one of the smallest AMRs in the industry. It can turn in place, making it ideal for narrow areas.

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