Inbound Logistics | May 2023

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TMS Guide 2023 Recent supply chain disruptions have raised interest in transportation management systems (TMS). A variety of solutions—from cloud-based, on-demand, web-hosted applications to traditional licensing installations, over the road, on the rail, containerized, or parcel— are available from TMS vendors and service providers who are expanding their oerings to meet your unique business logistics requirements. The choices can be overwhelming, so Inbound Logistics oers this annual guide of top TMS providers and solutions that can put you on the right path toward improved transportation management and performance.

DESCRIPTION: End-to-end transportation management software for omnichannel shippers, 3PLs, and brokers. Provides real-time management of the full order- to-settlement process. Features include quote management; rating, routing and optimization; load execution; track-and-trace capabilities; and financial settlement and audit.

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PRODUCT: 3rdwave iTMS PLATFORM: Cloud based

DESCRIPTION: Provides end-to-end control of international transportation management. Manages ocean, air, and truckload shipments throughout the shipment lifecycle. Provides fully integrated freight contract management, freight auditing, freight booking, SKU level in-transit visibility, and port control and monitoring. 4flow 810-931-0189 PRODUCT: 4flow iTMS PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Combines supply chain optimization with transportation management. Creates transparency across transportation processes—from data governance to freight cost management to transportation planning—and integrates all stakeholders on a single platform.

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