Inbound Logistics | May 2023

TMS Guide 2023

ALC Logistics 818-282-3246 PRODUCT: AlchemyTMS PLATFORM: Cloud based

Acuitive Solutions 704-847-4997 PRODUCT: Global Transportation Management Software PLATFORM: Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Replaces emails and

AscendTMS 813-681-5000 PRODUCT: AscendTMS PLATFORM: Hosted on the vendor’s website, Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Provides complete control over daily freight movements. No contracts are needed and all training and support is free.

DESCRIPTION: A web-based solution for multi-stop, perishable, temperature- controlled refrigerated, and dry shipments. Scalable, flexible system helps shippers gain control, increase visibility, improve security, and streamline operations.

spreadsheets with rules-based workflows that allow supply chain partners to collaborate and manage shipments in real time and without the shipper’s direct involvement.

Banyan Technology 844-309-3911 PRODUCT: LIVE Connect

Aptean 770-351-9600

AFS Logistics 877-242-3383 PRODUCT: AFSmartTMS PLATFORM: Cloud based

PRODUCT: Aptean Routing & Scheduling PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Route planning, scheduling and tracking solution that includes advanced algorithms for automated, dynamic routing, resource managed planning based on actual driver and vehicle availability, live execution tracking, and robust reporting/analytics. ARTEMUS Transportation Solutions 866-744-7101 PRODUCT: ARTEMUS Customs System PLATFORM: Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Provides cargo reporting to the United States, Canada, Japan, and Panama as per each country’s customs requirements. Also provides customs clearance for U.S.-bound cargo.

PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), Hosted on the vendor’s website, Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Provides rating and shipping execution from a single screen for all over- the-road shipping modes, including truckload, LTL, local carrier, and parcel. With numerous carrier connections, the solution delivers visibility beyond tracking, real-time intel, and actionable insights to drive operational e¦ciencies and savings for shippers, 3PLs, and supply chain partners. Blue Yonder 833-532-4764 PRODUCT: Blue Yonder Transportation Management PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based DESCRIPTION: Manages end-to-end business processes from modeling and planning to execution and last-mile delivery, across all modes. O©ers visibility and optimizes inbound and outbound transportation needs, along with carrier collaboration and dynamic price discovery solutions.

DESCRIPTION: Manages freight, tracks deliveries, searches for better rates, and captures critical shipment data, including delivery metrics and exceptions.

Agistix 888-244-7849 PRODUCT: Agistix PLATFORM: Hosted on the vendor’s website, Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Global supply chain data management platform supporting inbound, outbound, and third-party shipment execution and visibility across all modes and carriers. Capabilities include order management, contract rate and bid management, auto- tendering, custom document creation, real- time tracking, and integrated freight payment. Deploy quickly with minimal business process change and no IT resources.

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