Inbound Logistics | May 2023

TMS Guide 2023

Nuvocargo 917-521-5157 PRODUCT: Nuvocargo PLATFORM: Cloud based

One Network Enterprises 866-302-1936 PRODUCT: Intelligent Logistics TMS PLATFORM: Hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based DESCRIPTION: Provides end-to-end multiparty logistics planning, scheduling, and execution capabilities from sourcing to invoicing, across all modes and services. Includes real-time tracking, advanced analytics, and exception management. Integrates to order and warehouse management. AI and machine learning autonomously detect and resolve logistics- related issues.

billing and payment, consolidates and executes transportation orders from multiple sources, and eliminates ine¦cient and redundant settlement procedures.

PCS SoŽware 833-415-9500

DESCRIPTION: All-in-one digital platform focused on U.S.-Mexico cross-border trade. Creates transparency in shipping and layers services such as customs brokerage, cargo insurance, and supply chain finance. Odyssey Logistics & Technology 855-875-0681 PRODUCT: Odyssey Global Logistics Platform PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based DESCRIPTION: Global transportation management solution designed to manage day-to-day transactional logistics processes and to refine inter- and intra-enterprise movement of products. The platform delivers near real-time shipment visibility across all modes of transport, globally identifies hazmat-certified carriers and visually flags hazmat shipments to carriers, optimizes supply chain operations to reduce CO2 emissions, and automatically selects carriers based on specific routing guides, business rules, and key performance indicators. Omnitracs 888-627-2716 PRODUCT: Omnitracs One PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based DESCRIPTION: A set of applications that enables drivers to increase visibility, transparency, and productivity; reduce operation costs; improve density and consolidation of deliveries; be nimble with real-time changes to pick-ups and deliveries; and simplify work streams.

PRODUCT: PCS Software PLATFORM: Cloud based DESCRIPTION: AI-driven, unified

transportation logistics platform for shippers, carriers and brokers. Simplifies and optimizes day-to-day logistics operations and unlocks strategic data-driven insights for greater control, profitability and competitive advantage. Pierbridge 508-630-1220 PRODUCT: Transtream PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based DESCRIPTION: Enterprise multi-carrier parcel management solution powers supply chain applications and solves critical business problems. Automates parcel planning and execution for shippers of all sizes. Primus Intellectual Solutions 866-441-8188 PRODUCT: ShipPrimus TMS PLATFORM: Hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based DESCRIPTION: Designed for brokers and 3PLs. Delivers an API-driven platform to increase automation for rating, tendering, tracking and proof of delivery. Cuts operations time and enables shippers to utilize the portal for 24/7 self-service rating, booking, and tracking.

Optym 352-334-7283

PRODUCT: LoadOps TMS PLATFORM: Cloud based

DESCRIPTION: Helps truckload carriers find better loads, increase profits, and grow business. Connects to load boards, maps, accounting systems, electronic logging devices, and market rates. Features track/ trace, a mobile app, live dispatch board, analytics, and smart trip planning.

Oracle 800-392-2999 PRODUCT: Oracle Transportation Management PLATFORM: Cloud based

DESCRIPTION: Manages all transportation activity throughout the global supply chain, enabling users to run logistics operations more e¦ciently, reduce freight costs and optimize service levels. The platform maximizes productivity through automated processes, proactively manages the lifecycle of orders and shipments through automated milestone monitoring, automates freight

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