Inbound Logistics | May 2023

TMS Guide 2023

providers to digitize their entire operations, including booking, trip planning, tendering, cross dock management, line haul, delivery, proof of delivery, and invoicing. Provides multi-dimensional visibility right from booking through invoicing. A high-performance planning module allows execution of a high volume of booking requests. Location and navigation intelligence o©ers accurate ETAs, route optimization and geo-fencing. Ecosystem integrations include carriers, customers, agents, marketplaces, telematics, sensors, and sorters.

Princeton TMX 800-435-4691 PRODUCT: Princeton TMX PLATFORM: Hosted on the vendor’s website, cloud based DESCRIPTION: End-to-end solution—from shipment building to rating, tendering, scheduling, payment and reporting—for industrial shippers. Enables companies to automate, streamline and optimize truck, rail, LTL, intermodal, ocean, and barge processes. ProShip 414-302-2929 PRODUCT: Multi-Carrier Shipping Software PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based DESCRIPTION: Platform designed for high-volume parcel shipping. O©ers multiple shipping methods. Helps increase sales and manage shopping cart shipping expectations. Outbound LTL, rate shopping, carrier compliance, and an omnichannel distribution strategy. ProvisionAI 615-428-2035 PRODUCT: LevelLoad PLATFORM: Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Examines network demand, order, forecast, and transportation data along with the full constraints of the network to run a daily optimization and globally optimized replenishment transportation schedule that can be tendered by lane across the whole network.

QAD 312-239-1630 PRODUCT: QAD Precision Transportation Execution PLATFORM: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud based DESCRIPTION: Global, multi-carrier shipping solution designed to manage both inbound and outbound shipments. Provides centralized control and visibility throughout the shipment execution process. From one system users can rate, route, produce labels, manifest and manage levels of service for any shipment mode. Rates can be provided as part of the carrier content subscription service or easily uploaded, stored and maintained in the user’s system for use in quotation, shipping and auditing.

RateLinx 920-229-5022

PRODUCT: RateLinx TMS PLATFORM: Cloud based

DESCRIPTION: O©ers advanced routing, modeling, and rating tools, and process automation to automate shipping, freight audit, and transportation management. Optimizes complex freight across modes, lanes, and carriers with planning, pooling, consolidation, and rating tools.

Ramco Systems 609-620-4800

PRODUCT: Ramco TMS PLATFORM: Cloud based DESCRIPTION: Empowers logistics service


PortPro 833-707-8776 Product: drayOS and drayOS Track Platform: Cloud based

Description: Using drayOS and drayOS Track, drayage trucking companies can run their entire business from a single platform from dispatching to delivery, including the management of payments, invoices, proof of delivery, container tracking, per-diem auditing, import availability, and empty returns information in real-time.

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