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YMS Guide Begin your search for the YMS that fits your Needs by Getting to know the Solutions Providers. 2023

YMS solutions can be standalone or integrated into a larger supply chain management system. The most effective systems improve communication between supply chain stakeholders by automating workows and fostering information sharing. Critical supply chain pain points in the yard are driving shipper interest in YMS solutions. The Gartner Market Guide

for Yard Management identies these challenges: • Shorter transportation lead times and increasing

transportation costs—accelerated by higher fuel costs— push companies to increase efciencies in the yard, as time spent in a yard can be unproductive and costly. • The transportation and warehouse functions meet in the yard, which is often a “black hole,” where companies lack visibility to activities, inventory, and equipment. • Companies are considering YMS solutions to help close the supply chain gaps that exist in their own yards, such as long trailer wait times, labor issues, poorly synchronized movement of goods, and ineffective dock planning. FINDING THE RIGHT FIT Choosing the right yard management system for your business is a critical decision that directly impacts yard operations as well as the bottom line. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a YMS: Size and complexity: A large yard with multiple assets to manage may require a more advanced YMS to help keep up with complex workows and provide real-time visibility. System integration: Integrating with existing systems, including a transportation management system or warehouse management system, can help to smooth any operational rough edges. Customization and scalability: Look for a YMS that can be customized to t specic needs and can scale with your business as it grows. Ease of use: A YMS with an intuitive user interface can make it easier for a team to learn and use the system effectively. Reporting and analytics: The right YMS for your business should be able to provide real-time data and analytics to help make informed decisions concerning yard operations. Support: Ongoing support and maintenance ensures smooth system operation. When hiccups happen, make sure the vendor can promptly address the problem. Cost: Analyze the true cost of the YMS, including implementation, training, and ongoing maintenance fees. Make sure it lines up with the benets it will provide to the business. Choosing the right YMS requires careful consideration of your supply chain needs and a thorough evaluation of available options. Inbound Logistics ’ YMS Guide is a perfect starting point, but also consider working your network before making any nal decision. It also may be helpful to consult with a third-party provider or seek references to make an informed decision. n

C3 Solutions 514-315-3139 PRODUCT: C3 Yard

DESCRIPTION: Empowers yard managers by providing visibility to both yard assets and shipments, increasing gate throughput, reducing dock congestion, optimizing door utilization, and automating yard driver task assignment.

Cypress Inland Corporation 303-781-3430 PRODUCT: YardViewPro

DESCRIPTION: Augments yard management by accounting for specific industry, cataloging container contents and locations, assigning dock scheduling and yard driver tasks, performing recorded gate control, and enhancing visibility for all users.

Descartes Systems Group 800-419-8495 PRODUCT: Descartes Yard Management

DESCRIPTION: Helps operators track the movement of trailers and contents across multiple locations. Tracks driver and yard activity.

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