Inbound Logistics | May 2023

Exotrac 212-989-0171 PRODUCT: YardTrac Pro and Lite DESCRIPTION: Real-time YMS delivers comprehensive functionality and speed while minimizing detention costs. Web and mobile applications suited to any vertical in the supply chain.

Made4net 201-645-4345 PRODUCT: YardExpert

DESCRIPTION: Provides the tools to track and manage a yard for better decision making regarding when, where, and how assets are moved and handled.

FourKites 888-466-6958 PRODUCT: FourKites Dynamic Yard

Sentier Systems 866-503-4823 PRODUCT: Yard Commander

DESCRIPTION: Enables businesses to use real-time transportation visibility to manage daily operations throughout the yard, including gate operations, task assignment, and trailer inventory management.

DESCRIPTION: A fully functional, easy-to-use YMS that o©ers full visibility to assets in the yard and at docks, reports, history of transactions, and alerts.

IntelliTrans 800-603-9175 PRODUCT: Yard Runner

Splice 757-530-5300 PRODUCT: Yard Spot

DESCRIPTION: Manages rail yards with increased levels of visibility. Features interactive virtualization maps, bills of lading, railcar loading optimization, and detention/demurrage charge calculations.

DESCRIPTION: Creates a common operating picture by combining mobile/fixed camera, GPS tracking, TMS, and any relevant data to prioritize and streamline yard operations.

Koërber 800-328-3271 PRODUCT: K.Motion YMS

Yard Management Solutions 800-766-6197 PRODUCT: Yard Management Solutions

DESCRIPTION: Enables users to track yard inventory and trailers to increase visibility of assets. Addresses dock door scheduling for faster trailer turns and strategic staging by trailer type.

DESCRIPTION: Designed as an easy-to-learn, simple-to-use YMS for organizations that have outgrown manual processes. The scalable solution delivers visibility to streamline yard processes.

One Network Enterprises 866-302-1936 PRODUCT: One Network Yard Management System

Zebra Technologies 262-960-6108 PRODUCT: MotionWorks Yard

DESCRIPTION: Provides real-time, gate-dock-gate visibility of equipment and inventory. Schedules, executes, and audits loads synchronized to warehouse, dock-door scheduling, and demand priorities.

DESCRIPTION: Tracks and monitors assets through the yard to synchronize yard operations, loading docks, and gate check-in and check-out. Uses automation along with barcoding and RFID to ensure a safe, secure, and e¦cient yard.

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