Inbound Logistics | July 2022

A s a client-focused organization, SEKO is fast on its feet and specializes in expecting the SEKO LOGISTICS


A gility continues to drive Kenco’s success with clients. Their pursuit of innovation keeps them, and their clients, resilient and thriving in a volatile market. Staying ahead of

Denis Reilly President & CEO

James Gagne President & CEO

unexpected—and in nding an answer fast. SEKO’s congurable technology platforms provide a seamless ow of information and give their growing client base true supply chain visibility. Through their commitment to developing efciencies and optimizing supply chains, SEKO takes the time to understand their clients’ requirements—thus, building their processes and services around each client’s unique business. SEKO’s client- rst approach to logistics focuses on making clients’ lives easier and helping them, in turn, develop and maintain excellent relationships with their own customers. SEKO’s core ethos is about providing hands-on support at the local lev el. Their staff is encouraged to get to know their clients’ business, so SEKO can really understand how to support them, and their organization, in the best way possible. Built on nearly 50 years of logistics expertise, SEKO Logistics is the no-nonsense global end-to-end logistics partner—from shipper to consumer. SEKO delivers client-rst service, expert reliability, and tech-driven shipping solutions that turn clients’ supply chains into a competitive advantage. According to clients, SEKO “makes it happen,” “gets the job done” and they “make the impossible, possible.” “Partnering with SEKO has been extraordinary. They have

the game with creative hiring strategies, automation, and software solutions has led to another year of achievement in the logistics space. Kenco doubled-down on investing in innovative labor solutions. As part of a growing list of employee benefits to increase hiring and retainment, they piloted and implemented a flexible shift platform, allowing employees to build a schedule to suit their lifestyle. By being early implementers of automation, Kenco alleviated their dependency on volatile market factors, like labor. In their innovation lab, Kenco’s team creates unique solutions for clients, including tools to increase picking accuracy, improve employee safety, and advance e ciency. The greatest competitive edge is knowledge. Kenco has long recognized this and strived to provide the best data for their clients. To do this, Kenco has developed predictive analytics tools that optimize warehouse operations, a

control tower solution that will revolutionize transportation, and unique labor management software programs that increase e ciency and retention. By keeping clients at the forefront of everything they do, Kenco has created systems and processes to allow them to thrive in any market. With a focus on innovative labor solutions, staying ahead of the automation game, and developing intelligent software, Kenco will continue to thrive.

CLIENT ROSTER: • Chevron • Dow • Dr. Squatch • General Mills • Jeni’s • Kichler • Oatly

CLIENT ROSTER: • Beach House Group • Beckman Coulter • Canyon Bicycles • Castore Sportswear • Electronic Express • Ember® • GOAT • Jaguar Land Rover

cut our lead time on deployments of new accounts in half, resulting in a very favorable customer experience, by being able to set our customers up quickly. We appreciate our relationship and the communication and service we receive,” says Dippin’ Dots.

• Reckitt • Stryker • Whirlpool

• Lyre’s Spirit Co. • MANSCAPED™ • Reiss • SHEIN • THG • Thuma

124 Inbound Logistics • July 2022

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