Inbound Logistics | July 2022

SUNSET TRANSPORTATION S unset’s culture is a definite di˜erentiation from other 3PLs. The company doesn’t try


W erner Enterprises delivers superior logistics services

throughout North America. As an asset-based 3PL, Werner Logistics implements creative supply chain solutions for its customers and carriers by offering a broad suite of services including truckload brokerage, freight management, power only, intermodal, and nal mile. In this ever-changing economy and volatile marketplace, the relationship between the customer, carrier, and solution provider is vital. Werner’s key to success has been partnering with customers and carriers to design high-quality service with strategic solutions that create value regardless of the market conditions. Over the past year, Werner has implemented MasterMind, a cloud-based transportation management system that aims to make supply chains smarter and more efcient along with Werner EDGE for Carriers, a self-service digital carrier platform designed to increase freight availability. The accelerating investment in technology reinforces the commitment Werner has made to empowering its industry-leading talent to solve the challenges that impact its customers and carriers. Derek Leathers Chairman, President, & CEO

Lindsey Graves CEO

to be everything to every customer, but rather forms a partnership of trust that builds over time in every sense of the organization. From customers, to carriers, and the logistics partners they work with, the Sunset team embraces a relationship- style of doing business. Even through significant growth (with branch o ces in the United States and Mexico), Sunset continues to keep the culture of helping one another a priority and thriving on e ciency and continuous improvement. Those traits have proven crucial through a global pandemic and its e˜ect on supply chains. Through thick and thin, Sunset’s customers have valued stability and communication from their 3PL above all else. Sunset remained committed to their changing needs while making sure safety and flexible solutions are e˜ectively communicated.

CLIENT ROSTER: • Dollar General • The Home Depot • Walmart

July 2022 • Inbound Logistics 125

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