Inbound Logistics | July 2022

Futureproof Supply Chain Guide: Make Your Supply Chain Future Proof BY LETTY SILOVICH This manual investigates 12 dangers to modern supply chains, and explores how organizations and people can prepare their industries for future interruptions. The author organizes clarifications, stories, and illustrations to provide coherence to

Alexander the Great and the Logistics of the Macedonian Army BY DONALD W. ENGELS Engels’ book details the logistical genius of Alexander the Great and how not just his army —but his supply chain— helped him conquer antiquity.

Supply Chain Management: A Logistics Perspective BY C. JOHN LANGLEY, ROBERT A. NOVACK, BRIAN J. GIBSON, AND JOHN J. COYLE readers visualize the enormity of Alexander’s logistical problems and how he and his army tackled them as they marched through Asia, providing still-relevant praxis for modern-day logistics endeavors. The 11th edition of this manual provides the latest content on emerging issues, technological advancements, and global changes in the evolving field of supply chain management. New profiles on real organizations and people oŒer relevant examples of how businesses are approaching the continual pressure to modernize their supply chains. The book also includes short case studies of hands-on managerial experiences Through archeological and geological analysis, this book explains exactly how the Macedonian general-king led a 50,000-man army—plus 15,000 engineers, doctors, cooks, entertainers, scientists, craftsmen, and servants and at least 10,000 horses and mules—over 22,000 miles of extremely di·cult terrain, all with no modern communication or amenities. Though historical in nature, this book helps

what is otherwise an overwhelming task of future-proofing inventory networks. The goal of this guide is to help readers visualize the rapid onset of mechanical and computerized

advancements in the supply chain, and learn how they can make these advancements work for inventory network elements, not against them.

Why Change? An Engineer’s Mindset to Repair Your LCD Display Supply Chain BY KEITH MITNIK

Keith Mitnik, engineer and CEO of Phoenix Display, introduces a systematic approach to supply chain management using the example of electronics component supply chains. Understanding why changes in business relationships can oŒer new opportunities instead of viewing them as net losses is vital to reducing complacency, conquering longstanding issues, and

innovating supply chains for long- term success. The author oŒers five problems that derail supply chains and provides actionable steps to produce customized solutions using the problem-oriented engineering mindset.

that help readers understand the circumstances behind key decisions that are made daily. This book is an easy-to-follow and interesting take on logistics theory in action.

Configured by Consumption: How Consumption-Demand Will Reshape Supply Chain Operations

BY BOOI H. KAM AND PETER J. RIMMER This book reflects on the production-consumption cycles that punctuate supply chain operations and examines how logistics has evolved with consumer culture. The authors explore consumerism, consumption on demand, technological connectivity, omnichannel retailing, and social commerce to construct a general theory of supply chain operations and show where the physical supply chain meets digital commerce. This guide is invaluable to students, economists, and decision-makers at all levels of the supply chain by oŒering insights on current trends and oŒering forecasts of further technological advancements beyond automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

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