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SOLVED Supply Chain Challenge?

That’s the Spirit! Partnership Brings Supply Chain Visibility Into the Mix Non-alcoholic spirit company, Lyre’s, turned to SEKO to gain access and visibility into every part of their supply chain and root out inefficiencies. Here’s how SEKO delivered.

THE CHALLENGE Operating in a rapidly expanding market, the Lyre’s team found themselves leveraging multiple shipping channels across multiple states, leading to a very inefcient supply chain. Not only was it difcult for Lyre’s to track operational and nancial data, but due to their rapid growth, the company quickly outgrew their East Coast space. In a race against time, Lyre’s needed to nd a new location within a matter of weeks. The quick move shed light on the many operational inefciencies the company faced due to their fragmented supply chain. Selling perishable products, Lyre’s needed more cohesive systems in place for inventory management and shipment tracking. Additionally, with part of Lyre’s core team based in Australia, the juggling of multiple vendors within a supply chain that didn’t accommodate global time zones resulted in a breakdown of communication, time wasted, and revenue lost. THE SOLUTION SEKO’s exibility and capability to offer nationwide support allowed them to quickly take over and x Lyre’s fragmented supply chain. Within a matter of days, SEKO delivered a proposal covering multiple states and distribution centers (DCs), enabling Lyre’s to receive and distribute

throughout the transition helped Lyre’s achieve a 100% move-out score. Since SEKO proved to be a trusted partner, Lyre’s looked to the company for support beyond their logistics and warehousing needs; tapping into SEKO’s network to outsource packaging within the United States. Impressed by their solutions-oriented mentality and emphasis on operating as an extension of the team, Lyre’s continues to look to SEKO as a valued partner in the company’s plan to expand their global footprint.

products without having to worry about added costs. SEKO also alleviated a signicant amount of stress that came with managing multiple U.S. shipping channels by implementing MySEKO Harmony. The leading edge, web-based software solution provided access and visibility to every part of Lyre’s supply chain— helping the company increase efciencies across the board including managing batch numbers, tracking progress of both international and domestic shipments, and organizing and completing their nances with ease. To ensure alignment, SEKO trained Lyre’s entire team on MySEKO Harmony; enabling the company to make better decisions quickly, regardless of time zones, to solidify their position in the U.S. market and focus on future growth. SEKO’s quick action and accessibility

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