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SOLVED Supply Chain Challenge? Zuum Transportation Zooms Into High-Growth Mode with Valoroo’s Help When logistics platform provider Zuum Transportation experienced rapid growth, the company turned to Valoroo for its staffing needs. Valoroo provided qualified representatives who enabled rapid growth.

Popular roles include track and trace, carrier sales, dispatch and load planning, third shift and weekend support, and customer service. Each member of Valoroo’s team in the Philippines is carefully hand-picked and team members are hardworking, highly skilled individuals with neutral accents. This allows for a seamless integration with existing local teams and processes. THE SOLUTION Zuum was able to realize the following benets with Valoroo’s help: • Hire reps with Valoroo • Ensured continual coverage • Freed up time for local teams “Valoroo did such an amazing job nding staff quickly and always made sure the team was ready to go with industry experience. Our initial plan was to hire three outsourced reps. However, that number quickly grew after we had such success with the Valoroo reps,” says Jason Sensat, senior client solutions manager with Zuum.

Luckily, Zuum’s HR department discovered Valoroo. Valoroo helps third-party logistics companies and asset-based companies become more efcient by providing quality, highly educated individuals who are ready to assist with some of the more time-consuming tasks that our industry faces. Valoroo is a company that really cares about its people. That’s a big reason we continue to grow with them.

THE CLIENT Zuum connects shippers, brokers, carriers, and drivers on one logistics super platform. Zuum delivers shipments reliably at a lower cost for shippers and at a higher prot for carriers through efcient technology. THE CHALLENGE Zuum was growing at a rapid rate, and the company was having difculty hiring qualied individuals quickly enough to keep up with that growth. Zuum was faced with the following obstacles: • Fast growth led to the need to grow staff quickly • HR was having difculty nding qualied stafng • Local teams were stretched thin

–Jason Sensat, Senior Client Solutions Manager, Zuum

To learn more: 618-719-6698

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Valoroo supports logistics companies by building and maintaining o‘shore teams. The firm recruits, hires, and trains representatives.

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