Inbound Logistics | April 2023


How has logistics technology impacted your job?

IT GIVES SUPPLY CHAIN PARTICIPANTS —shippers, carriers, and 3PLs—better visibility, data, and real-time information for managing the business. That’s all good. But it comes with a challenge: How do I organize and share the data within the organization, support the customer, and use it e†ectively to improve operations? It has to be managed, and that places an additional cost and time burden on the carrier, especially as shippers want more data for no additional charges. –Greg Orr President, CFI THE DAYS OF “I SHIPPED IT—YOU SHOULD SEE IT SOON” are gone. Today’s technology provides visibility to help increase accountability from order to receipt. Our sales partners have better costing insight to o†er the best solution to achieve a customer’s needs. Performance data provides a collaboration platform with our partners to continually improve, creating value across our ecosystem. –Jeff Wood Senior Vice President, Global Operations, Wesco TECHNOLOGY HELPS US TO CONTINUE IMPROVING our eciency by providing data to help manage our fleet and optimize routes. This data is more important now than ever because with the current labor shortage and rising costs, you want to make the best use of your resources. It also helps us predict any parcel that may be late to find another alternative and keep our customer informed. –Lorena Camargo

WE’RE GOING THROUGH AN ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP) SWITCHOVER that requires a great deal of patience, change management, and transactional discipline. The change is definitely tough and requires a steep learning curve to keep up. The new technology allows for greater control and visibility of product locations as they move from the production team

through the warehouse team and ultimately make it on to the delivery trucks. It provides us an opportunity to improve our processes and our service to the customer. –Gary Harber Distribution Manager, Milgard

ROUTE PLANNING TECH AND THE TRACK-MY-TRUCK SERVICE have been a huge win. We can give customers the delivery flexibility, responsiveness, and transparency they expect while reducing costs and boosting fleet productivity. Delivery operations improved more than expected, faster than expected, and it has made life easier for customers and internal teams. –Nathan Sanders CEO, Brook Furniture Rental TECHNOLOGY HAS TRANSFORMED HOW OUR CLIENTS MANAGE THEIR LOGISTICS across the full gamut of activities. It has accelerated scheduling and tracking of loads, as well as expedited payment and issue resolution processes. –Joe Adamski, Senior Director –Rhiana Gallen, Manager ProcureAbility

LOGISTICS TECHNOLOGY ENABLED US TO CHANGE OUR ENTIRE BUSINESS MODEL to one that’s better for us—and more importantly, our customers. Advances in data science and analysis helped us establish a platform that breaks the cycle of relying on consultants or carriers when negotiating a parcel shipping contract. –Josh Dunham CEO and Co-founder, Reveel IT CREATES DEEPER GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN CONNECTIVITY. Innovative warehouse, transportation, order, and logistics management systems provide transparent data for all supply chain parties, enabling workflow, delivery, and overall service to be more ecient. Our ability to leverage data-yielding technology has enhanced operations. –Jim Heidegger VP, Technology, Legacy Supply Chain

Board and Executive Committee Member, CLDA, CEO/Founder, PearlTrans Logistics

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