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transportation services, and warehousing have allowed our

employees to shift from keying data into our systems to more real-time access to information, allowing us to better predict outcomes as well as serve and guide our customers. –Ann Nemphos Chief Technology Officer, World Group TECHNOLOGY HAS TRANSFORMED the way we operate by increasing transparency, reducing costs, and enabling data-driven decisions. Innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) provide endless possibilities. –Rebecca Smith Chief Information Officer Primary Freight Services Inc. LOGISTICS TECHNOLOGY, PARTICULARLY AI, has transformed our business by enhancing collaboration in idea generation and revolutionizing workforce training and development. By adopting AI-driven tools, we have optimized warehousing processes, reduced costs, and improved overall eciency, while empowering our employees to provide outstanding service. –Nate East Continuous Improvement Engineer TA Services TECHNOLOGIES SUCH AS REAL-TIME TRACKING through ELD integrations have changed the game for our business, giving us access to valuable supply chain insights that we can then pass to carriers, brokers, and shippers.

Gone are phone calls as we can see material flow throughout the world. Intralogistics with improved visibility and rapid advances in live time tracking of truck arrivals, dock management tools, and integration with mobile robots are synchronizing material flow. It’s been fun with the exponential advances the past five years. –Harry Chase Senior Director–Central Materials, GE Appliances Years ago, companies hand-wrote bills of lading. Now, most companies create BOLs electronically to capture shipment details. Since data is king, this simple change means companies aren’t reliant on carriers to obtain their own shipment data. Now companies can analyze and make decisions that are best for them and their customers. –Melissa Somsen Chief Commercial Officer, AFS Logistics Back in the day, you had to scan a load of RFID-chipped pallets stack by stack. These days, it’s possible to scan a full trailer and it reads everything in only seconds. Every eciency we introduce improves business intelligence, minimizes loss, and benefits the entire supply chain. –Cory Lehman Director of Asset Management, iGPS Logistics

WHILE IT WAS AN ENABLER BEFORE , it is now a critical

faster sortation and a safer work environment. For the industry, it’s 10x (or more) capacity with a combination of people and tech. –James Kelley President, OSM Worldwide TECHNOLOGY IS FUNDAMENTAL FOR BRIDGING SUPPLY CHAIN GAPS. Data collection, combined with machine learning, supports better processes and strategic planning.

component when creating a scalable logistics platform, providing real-time insights and improving automation and eciency. –Matt Parry SVP, Logistics, Werner Enterprises SPECIFIC AUTOMATION AND ROBOTIC APPLICATIONS have played a pivotal role in advancing the shipping industry. For shippers and consumers, it’s about speedy, accurate delivery. For our sta€, it’s

–Yoav Amiel Chief Information Officer, RXO

–Justin Bailie Co-Founder, Rose Rocket

IT HAS HELPED OUR CLIENTS gain visibility and connect the dots to foresee risks and capitalize on opportunities. Beyond in-transit visibility, mapping of their logistics supplier base and understanding how they manage risks allows them to benchmark vendors. –Tony Pelli Practice Director, Security and Resilience, BSI

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