Inbound Logistics | June 2022

LED lighting to rooftop rainwater harvesting systems. It works closely with customers to optimize their supply chains with a focus on reducing transportation mileage to decrease CO2 emissions. Americold continually evaluates technology to drive improvements in energy efficiency, water usage, greenhouse gas emission reductions, and overall stewardship of its resources. Energy teams lead Americold’s sustainability efforts in direct partnerships with every operations leader in the company, engaging the entire organization to practice sustainability stewardship. Americold converted five cold storage sites to high-efficiency lighting in 2021. This resulted in a total reduction of 2.5 million kWh of consumed energy. At year-end 2021, 179 Americold sites were operating LED lighting. GREEN INITIATIVES • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions • Use alternative fuels or energy sources • Reuse/recycling program • Use wastewater • Reduce energy usage • Solar panels • Energy-efficient lighting NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT Americold was recognized as the #1 cold storage leader for energy excellence by the Global Cold Chain Alliance.

provider since 2006 and was one of 62 companies to receive an Excellence Award distinction in 2019, representing the best environmental performers of SmartWay’s 3,600 partners. GREEN INITIATIVES • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions • Use alternative fuels or energy sources • Reuse/recycling program • Reduce energy usage • Solar panels NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT Building its fleet of refrigerated equipment with the most current technology enables Alliance Shippers to move refrigerated goods via rail, reducing CO2 output by approximately 67% or 1 billion pounds vs. moving goods over the road.

AAA Cooper Transportation AAA Cooper Transportation upgraded aerodynamic fairing packages, converted oil to lighter-weight synthetic for improved fuel economy, installed tire pressure systems designed for drive tire position to improve MPG, and installed next- generation skirting on van trailers for airflow direction. The company also designed data centers to reduce HVAC demands and overall utility consumption. GREEN INITIATIVES • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions • Reuse/recycling program • Use wastewater • Reduce energy usage • Sustainably source materials • Energy-efficient lighting NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT AAA Cooper Transportation’s LTL system flow improvements enhanced loaded fill rates, reducing the number of miles per shipment required. Alliance Shippers Inc. Alliance Shippers’ refrigerated trailers and containers have two-way cellular tracking devices, drawing power from a solar-powered battery source within the company’s refrigeration units. This allows the company to continuously track the GPS location on assets as well as monitor temperature, check for fuel levels, and turn the refrigeration unit on and off at any time. Alliance Shippers Inc. has been a SmartWay participant


In 2021, Americold invested more than $6 million to complete 45 sustainability projects, ranging from energy-saving

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