Inbound Logistics | March 2022


chain processes is the best way to solve complex transportation issues,” he says. “This has never been more evident than during the pandemic.” SMC³ offers CarrierConnect XL, a solution enabling LTL carriers to com- municate operational capabilities, such as lanes served, published transit times, and direct/indirect points. In 2022, the company is enhancing the program with advanced messaging capability that allows carriers to communicate loca- tion and lane-specic service disruptions directly into the shipper’s transportation management solution (TMS). “The carrier can inform their custom- ers about when the disruption begins, ends, and the reason for the disruption such as a storm, hurricane, re, or even capacity constraints,” Thompson says. “During a time of unprecedented sup- ply chain challenges, it is imperative that information be available to all parties in a manner that is immediate, efcient, complete, and accurate.”

The company, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, is building on its established record of success in New Jersey and California, near the ports of Elizabeth (New Jersey) and Los Angeles. “Taylored Services has been recog- nized as a Top 100 logistics company for the past seven years due to our com- pany growth, brand recognition, and omnichannel capabilities,” Letzter says. Savannah’s $1 billion investment in deepening the water level to accommo- date the larger and wider ocean vessels has paid off, he adds, making the port the third largest in the United States. “Savannah’s commercial real estate has been booming with new distribution sites over the past few years, so Taylored wants to participate in this regional market growth,” Letzter says. He notes that Taylored’s employee-centric cul- ture meshes well with Georgia’s existing workspace. “We feel our company cul- ture will be a terric t with the existing Georgia workforce,” Letzter adds.

CarrierConnect augments the compa- ny’s existing suite of standardized API and EDI solutions that work to close the com- munication gap in LTL transportation. MARKET GROWTH In the end, the denition of logistics leadership is subjective and the factors that set one state or region apart are as numerous as customers’ logistics needs. This explains why Taylored Services is scheduled to open a new distribution site within 10 miles of the Port of Savannah in summer 2022. Taylored Services offers a range of high-quality and efcient logistics solutions that allow it to scale expeditiously to meet customers’ needs. “Over the past few years, we tracked all the key renovations that the Savannah port has achieved to accommodate larger ocean vessels,” says Mike Letzter, Taylored’s vice president of distribution and fulllment. “Taylored Services feels this is the next strategic port for our com- pany growth to support our customers.”

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