Inbound Logistics | March 2022

“Taylored Services has doubled our revenue growth from 2015-2020, and then doubled again over the past year, which has created tremendous job growth for our current distribution mar- kets,” Letzter says. “We see Georgia as another strategic region to establish these employment opportunities that are bene- cial for us and the local job markets.” The company has adjusted to the labor shortfalls that have occurred since the pan- demic. “Our job market has been affected through economics, fear, illness, and government intervention regarding com- pensation, which encouraged the labor force to consider staying home instead of continuing employment,” he says. “Taylored Services had to pivot off of our normal labor strategies to overcome these challenges through enhancing our work environments to be even more employee friendly to encourage the work- force to return and be retained,” Letzter says. The company enhanced its work- place environment through weekly

With locations on the East and West Coasts, Taylored Services supports supply chains spanning the United States. The company is scheduled to open a new distribution site within 10 miles of the Port of Savannah in summer 2022.

nancial support,” Letzter says. Taylored also takes pride in being a “green” company, with company policies and procedures designed to ensure a high level of recycling. “Taylored Services has been built on ex- ibility, innovation, and fearlessness over the rst 30 years,” Letzter says. “We will con- tinue to pursue these same core values as we move forward into Georgia.” n

prize rafes, onsite food trucks, per- formance bonuses, and competitive wage adjustments. The company plans to be a major con- tributor to Georgia’s logistics culture in ways that go beyond the workplace. “Historically, Taylored Services has been a strong supporter and contributor to local communities and school envi- ronments through volunteer work and

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