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older trucks. It adopted the 2020 Northwest Ports Clean Air Strategy, setting a goal of zero emissions from seaport activities by 2050. NWSA is installing shore power at its terminals and building a seaport electrification roadmap to advance this vision.

also implemented natural gas fleets and has integrated new technology to improve aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, and installed electric

charging infrastructure at its Southern California campus.

Green equipment, including lithium battery-powered forklifts, battery- powered automated units, and robotic stretch wrapping, is in place across NFI’s distribution centers. NFI owns more than six megawatts of solar and is a member of the ACT Expo High Volume Fleet Planning Committee.

GREEN INITIATIVES • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions • Use alternative fuels or energy sources • Reuse/recycling program • Use wastewater • Reduce energy usage • Energy-efficient lighting • Habitat restoration • Stormwater management • Remediation

NTG implemented the following sustainable initiatives, among others: route optimization technology to limit fuel emissions, RhinoLink drop trailer program, utilization of SmartWay carriers, maximizing load efficiency, and installing automation to minimize manual work.

GREEN INITIATIVES • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions • Energy-efficient lighting

NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS NWSA reduced diesel particulate matter emissions by more than 90% since 2005 and its all-new cargo handling equipment is the cleanest diesel available.

NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS NTG developed a sustainability task force in 2020 and is a certified SmartWay Partner. Northwest Seaport Alliance The Northwest Seaport Alliance

GREEN INITIATIVES • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions • Use alternative fuels or energy sources • Reuse/recycling program • Reduce energy usage • Sustainable packaging • Solar panels • Energy-efficient lighting


Nussbaum works directly with OEM and third-party equipment

manufacturers to develop and employ the latest fuel efficiency technologies.

(NWSA) creates innovative solutions to improve air and water quality, uniting supply

Nussbaum also focuses on fuel performance; its drivers show a fleet average of 9.2 MPG and the company has its sights set on 10 MPG. Many Nussbaum drivers reach 12 to 13 MPG in any given week. Additionally, the company uses solar panels to minimize idle time in the truck. And, as electric and alternative fuel options become viable for over-the-road transportation, Nussbaum will test the products and work with manufacturers to develop the best solutions. GREEN INITIATIVES • Reuse/recycling program • Solar panels • Energy-efficient lighting NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT Nussbaum provides direct training and support to maximize the use of necessary fossil fuels.

chain partners, stakeholders, and communities across the Puget Sound to reduce environmental impacts. With its Clean Truck Program, all drayage trucks serving NWSA terminals are 2007 or newer, meaning 90% cleaner than

NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS NFI is a four-time EPA SmartWay Excellence Award winner and a SmartWay High Performer. Nolan Transportation Group Nolan Transportation Group’s (NTG) sustainability task force meets monthly to discuss current and future state initiatives to drive a more sustainable supply chain. This task force focuses on developing operational initiatives, technology initiatives, community affairs, and office initiatives. NTG optimizes routes and identifies the most efficient lanes to limit driving time and fuel usage, reducing carbon emissions while preserving shipment quality.

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