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Odyssey Logistics & Technology Odyssey Logistics & Technology (OL&T) has been offering its customers sustainable solutions for more than a decade. As a lead logistics provider with intermodal capabilities, OL&T offers customers environment-friendly alternatives. In an effort to increase payload, OL&T measures the number of low-weight truckload shipments (less than 45,000 pounds). That activity decreases the number of trucks required to deliver products, thereby reducing fuel use and emissions. OL&T regularly aggregates shipments on behalf of clients to reduce costs, increase payload, and decrease fuel use and emissions.

expenditures to improve efficiency, including $290 million for a tractor/ trailer replacement program. The company’s current truck fleet is 100% low rolling resistance, which increases fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. OD adopted a “no-idle” policy, which helps reduce unnecessary fuel use and emissions. All of OD’s new service centers are equipped with LED lighting and motion detectors to minimize electricity usage. The company follows a comprehensive maintenance schedule with National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence-certified technicians, who keep tractors operating at peak efficiency. In addition, OD leverages comprehensive route/ load planning tools to minimize miles traveled. GREEN INITIATIVES • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions • Use alternative fuels or energy sources • Reuse/recycling program • Reduce energy usage • Solar panels • Energy-efficient lighting NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT Old Dominion Freight Line has earned the EPA SmartWay Excellence Award for six consecutive years.

greenhouse gas emissions. Regional continuous improvement managers across the country execute projects to reduce waste, cut cycle time, and improve quality. And 99% of the water ORBIS uses in its manufacturing process is reused. GREEN INITIATIVES • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions • Reuse/recycling program • Reduce energy usage • Sustainable packaging • Sustainably source materials • Energy-efficient lighting NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS At the end of a long service life in the supply chain, ORBIS packaging can be recovered, recycled, and reprocessed into new packaging. Additionally, ORBIS offers a new recycled material in its product. Its Ocean in Mind program repurposes plastic waste at risk of entering the oceans into reusable packaging products.

GREEN INITIATIVES • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions • Use alternative fuels or energy sources • Reduce energy usage • Energy-efficient lighting

NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS Odyssey has invested heavily in emerging sustainability technologies and actively participates in global sustainability initiatives. The company plans to increase these investments as it makes these technologies, processes, and information available to customers and carrier partners.

ORBIS Corporation ORBIS manufactures reusable pallets, totes, containers, and


Old Dominion Freight Line

dunnage designed to replace single- use packaging in the supply chain and designs 100% of its products with sustainability in mind. Using life-cycle assessments to compare reusable and single-use packaging, ORBIS helps customers reduce their overall environmental impact. ORBIS also offers reusable packaging management services to assist customers. This includes ensuring packaging is cleaned, handled, transported, tracked, and returned properly, extending packaging life and preventing loss. In its own operation, ORBIS tracks and monitors its water and energy usage, as well as solid waste and

OD is exploring electric vehicles and has purchased a Volvo electric truck for testing. In 2021, the carrier plans

Penske helps customers enhance their sustainability by incorporating the latest alternative fuel technologies vehicles into its fleet. The company is deploying battery

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